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Hyperglance for AWS

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Hyperglance on AWS Features

Automatic Diagrams

Automatic diagram of your AWS cloud infrastructure

See identified resources and their dependencies on an automatic, real-time, dynamic AWS diagram that is easy to understand and scalable.

  • Automatic layout, no user input needed
  • Always up to date
  • Interactive
  • Detailed metadata on every resource
  • Includes Cloudwatch alarms

Trying to figure out how a cloud service is configured or how one service relates to another is increasingly difficult, especially if the configuration is constantly changing. Hyperglance creates a complete dependency model and a real-time, interactive diagram. It then overlays data including, attributes, security group data, load balancer data, route tables, alarms and metrics. The end result means you have access to a searchable, automated, infrastructure diagram with extensive capabilities.

Automatic Documentation

Visio & CSV export of diagram and search results

Export the diagram to Visio format or CSV as often and whenever you need.

  • Export diagram to Visio (.vsdx) format, use in Visio, Draw.io etc
  • Export inventory to .csv, open in Excel, Google sheets
  • Export as often as you like, no limits
  • Updates every few minutes

With two clicks of the mouse you can export the whole, or part of the diagram to Visio format, it only takes seconds. Once you have the diagram in .vsdx format you can open it with any tool that supports .vsdx format and edit it. Similarly you can export part, or all of the inventory data into .csv format and use the data however you like.

Aggregated Inventory

Global search and filter

Find what you need, when you need it.

  • Aggregated inventory of all your Accounts & Subscriptions
  • Search across all your inventory, find things in seconds
  • Go directly to the resource in the diagram with one click
  • Filter and export results to csv
  • Advanced search covers metadata, performance metrics, alarms

Easily find security holes and misconfiguration over your entire multi-account AWS infrastructure. Hyperglance aggregates all of your AWS account data and allows you to search across accounts, Regions, VPCs and Subnets. Stop trying to remember where things are, just search. Hyperglance has an advanced function that allows you to search the aggregated inventory and find security holes, misconfigurations and anything else you are looking for. You can search within security groups, route tables and network access-lists. Combining these searches with the ability to filter via Tags, or any other metadata Hyperglance collects, allows you to hone down on specific security issues and configuration errors quickly and easily.

Rules Engine

Ensure security policy, manage cost

Advanced rules engine enables audit, security monitoring and cost reduction.

  • Pre-defined rules included 
  • Create your own rules based on metadata, metrics and Alarms
  • Monitor security
  • Monitor performance
  • Save Money
  • Add as many Rules as you need
  • Send emails or AWS SNS notifications to enable automation
  • Schedule rules to run periodically or at a certain time

Within minutes Hyperglance will give you a list of actionable insights on your cloud. Hyperglance includes a growing ruleset that checks for Security issues and highlights any under-utilised resources so you can either re-size or remove them, thus saving money. Any rule can be customized to fit your environment and you can create as many rules as you like.

Cloud Automation

Automatically rectify problems

Send AWS SNS notifications based on thresholds.

  • AWS SNS and email supported
  • Trigger as many times as you need, no limits

Kick off AWS Lambda and automatically secure or save money in your cloud. Every rule can be configured to send an email or SNS notification based on a threshold. 

Interactive and Detailed

Detailed metadata on every resource

See detailed metadata on every resource

  • Everything you need to know
  • Extensive performance metrics
  • AWS Cloudwatch supported
  • Interface data
  • Aggregated links
  • Everything is searchable and updated

Hyperglance overlays detailed metadata on top of every resource so you can see relevant information when you need to. It also gives you access to the performance metrics and alarms for each resource.


Easy access to your data

  • RESTful, JSON based API
  • Sample Python code available
  • Easy to use, easy to understand
  • Pull everything in the inventory; Resources, Metadata, Endpoints, Connections
  • Push to the inventory & diagram; Metadata, URLs

Hyperglance's aggregated inventory contains a vast amount of useful data, we give you the ability to obtain that data easily via our RESTful API. You also have the ability to overlay metadata, URLs and alarms on top of our diagram.



Runs as an instance in your VPC 

Runs isolated in your VPC. No need to worry about 3rd party security.

  • Only needs to connect to the AWS API, not your infrastructure
  • No external access needed
  • No sharing of credentials with a 3rd party
  • No shared data with a 3rd party
  • Easy to get sign off from your Security department

SaaS platforms are great but how confident are you about their security? You have to give them access to your data and all those credentials and data go outside your organization boundaries. Hyperglance runs as a stand alone instance inside your VPC. No external access, no shared DB, no security worries.

Bastion Host Capability

Centralize your access

Hyperglance allows you and your staff to SSH & RDP to your instances, inside the browser.

  • In-built ability to SSH or RDP in the browser
  • Centralise your access
  • Audit capability included
  • SSH key can be loaded and shared

All session details are logged for compliance & audit. Hyperglance is ideal to use as a Bastion Host to give your staff easy access to the resources they are permitted to access. SSH keys can be located on the Hyperglance Instance so they can be shared and rotated when needed.

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