Microsoft Azure Cloud Management


Monitor compliance & optimize cost


Includes a growing & customizable ruleset


Automations reduce cost & effort


Generate interactive Azure cloud diagrams


Agentless, self-hosted on your VM

Hyperglance cloud management dashboard on computer screen

Azure Architecture Diagrams

Get insights into your Azure infrastructure with real-time interactive diagrams

Use Hyperglance to create an architecture diagram that displays your whole, aggregated Azure infrastructure and multi-cloud inventory:


  • One view for all your Azure infrastructure
  • Diagrams automatically update, saving you precious time
  • Export your Azure diagrams, ad-hoc or regularly, to PNG, CSV, or Visio (download a sample VSDX); includes a simple-to-use RESTful API
  • Automatically schedule exports to push to a storage account that can be referenced in Atlassian Confluence
  • Discover dependencies, and search detailed metadata across all your Azure accounts, subscriptions, VNets, and subnets (including metrics and Azure alarms)
  • Overlay important metadata onto your Azure diagram, e.g. cost
  • Hyperglance scales to any size, growing with your cloud

Inventory Management For Azure

Seamlessly catalog & search your cloud inventory

As your Azure setup grows in complexity, the time and expertise necessary to document your architecture increases in complexity.

Hyperglance can help you with find what you need, when you need it, whether you are managing your own cloud and its documentation or need to audit a third party's cloud.


  • See all your Azure subscriptions in one view
  • Use powerful search & filtering to find resources in seconds
  • Search using metrics, cost, alarms, resource attributes, and more
  • View your search results in a diagram using one click
  • Save searches to save time, monitor, and alert
  • Export search results & inventory into CSV in a matter of seconds
  • Export of print Visio or PNG export diagrams as often as you like (download a VSDX sample)
  • Automate exports using our RESTful API
hyperglance azure inventory
hyperglance azure visio diagram

Azure Cost Optimization

Reduce your Azure bill

Hyperglance enables you to easily find out where your Azure costs are coming from, and identify opportunities to save money, so you can be confident in your cloud cost management capabilities giving you complete peace of mind.

Hyperglance pulls in your Azure billing data, overlays it onto your cloud inventory, and then runs it through an advanced rules engine. The result is a tailored list of cost optimizations, constantly updated and ready for you to implement.


  • Use our Sankey diagram to explore your Azure costs in detail
  • Generate actionable insights in real-time using our cloud rules engine
  • Identify under-utilized and orphaned resources
  • Automate cost monitoring of cost, remediations, and set alerts
hyperglance cost optimization checks
hyperglance azure cost explorer diagram

Azure Rules Engine

Make your cloud work harder for you

Our advanced rules engine will save you time, money, and stress.


  • Monitor your cloud security, performance, and cost
  • Ship with an ever-growing library of predefined rules
  • Create unlimited custom rules using metadata, metrics and alarms
  • Trigger SNS, EventGrid, Slack, Teams, Jira & SMTP notifications
  • Schedule your rules to run periodically or at specific times
hyperglance azure monitoring rules

Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation

Our cloud rules engine makes your life easier

Guesswork shouldn't be a part of cloud management, and team members shouldn't be spending their time on relatively unimportant activities or resolving operational issues.

Out-of-the-box, Hyperglance will help you control your cloud cost (and compliance) in real-time:


hyperglance cloud automation icon

Approved Azure Government Service

Mission-Critical Cloud Management

You can still benefit from Hyperglance if you're using Azure Government (or AWS GovCloud) to securely manage sensitive data and processes.

Numerous North American public sector/government departments & agencies already use Hyperglance, so you'll be in good company.

Microsoft Azure icon

Agentless & Secure

Hyperglance is self-hosted on your VM, mitigating the security concerns associated with a traditional SaaS solution.


  • Your data, your rules: All information is securely stored on your instance/VM, ensuring absolute ownership and control.
  • Secure connectivity: Hyperglance only interfaces with AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes APIs, never directly accessing your resources.
  • Credential confidence: No need to risk compromise by sharing credentials with third parties.
  • Compliance concerns, eliminated: Streamline approval and rest easy with our compliance-friendly solution.
cloud security illustration

Support for Native Kubernetes & AKS

A Diagram That Embeds AKS & Native Kubernetes Clusters

Hyperglance's Kubernetes integration connects to both AKS and Native Kubernetes to overlay Kubernetes services onto your Hyperglance cloud diagram and inventory.


  • See AKS and Native Kubernetes applications in context
  • Clusters, Pods, Containers, Volumes, Config maps, Secrets all shown on diagram
  • Isolate diagrams by Namespace
  • Support for Load balancer connections and persistent volumes
kubernetes logo with text
azure aks logo

RESTful API Access

Flexible, easy and powerful

Hyperglance's aggregated inventory contains a powerful amount of data, all of which you can access via an easy-to-use RESTful, JSON-based API.


  • Pull diagrams or your aggregated inventory, including resources, metadata, endpoints, and connections
  • Push custom metadata to your inventory & diagrams
  • Sample Python code and Swagger documentation available
hyperglance api icon

90% of Fortune 100 Companies Use Partner Solutions

Hyperglance is a member of both the AWS Partner Network (APN) and Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The partner networks are global communities of approved partners that use AWS & Azure to build market-leading solutions.

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