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Search your inventory and its metadata


Export diagrams as Visio, PNG, or CSV


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Kubernetes Architecture Diagrams

Generate automatic diagrams of your Kubernetes infrastructure

Visualize your K8s resources and their AWS or Azure dependencies in an automatic, real-time, dynamic diagram that is easy to understand and scalable.

  • Automatically generated diagrams that update in real-time - no user input needed
  • Interactive with detailed metadata for every resource

Trying to figure out how Kubernetes is configured, or how one service relates to another can be challenging.

Hyperglance creates a complete dependency model and a real-time, interactive cloud diagram. It then overlays data including, attributes, security group data, load balancer data, route tables, alarms and metrics. The end result is a searchable, automated, infrastructure diagram with customizable capabilities.

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Global Inventory

See your complete global inventory including search and filter

Find what you need, when you need it.

  • Aggregated inventory of all your clusters
  • Combined with your corresponding AWS & Azure inventory
  • Search across all your clusters & Clouds, find things in seconds
  • Go directly to the resource in your Kubernetes diagram with just one click
  • Filter and export results to CSV
  • Advanced search covers metadata, performance metrics, alarms
  • API accessible

Easily find security holes and misconfiguration over your entire multi-cloud Kubernetes infrastructure. Hyperglance aggregates all of your cluster data and allows you to search across Namespaces, services, pods, contains and volumes. Stop trying to remember where things are, just search.


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    Export Cloud Diagrams & Search Results

    VSDX, PDF, PNG, JSON & CSV exports of diagrams and search results

    Hyperglance's Kubernetes capabilities allow you to export your cloud diagram to Visio or CSV as often and whenever you need.

    • Export diagrams to PNG and Visio (download VSDX sample)
    • API driven. Use our API to create and pull diagrams or inventory information
    • Export inventory to .csv, open in Excel, Google sheets
    • Export as often as you like, no limits
    • Inventory updates every few minutes

    With two clicks of the mouse or an API call you can export the whole, or part of the diagram to VSDX or PNG format, it only takes seconds. You can export part, or all of the inventory data into CSV or JSON format and use the data however you like.

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    Shows Connected AWS & Azure Resources

    Includes connections to AWS & Azure resources

    You don't use Kubernetes by itself in a cloud, Load Balancers and DNS services are just some of the cloud resources that you use in conjunction with your Kubernetes services. Hyperglance pulls in AWS and/or Azure inventory and creates a combined diagram to show your pods, services or container connections inside AWS or Azure.


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      Kubernetes & Multi-Cloud Visualization

      Combined Inventory & diagrams for all your Kubernetes deployments

      Whether your Kubernetes clusters are deployed in AWS, Azure, GCP or in your own data center, Hyperglance will generate diagrams of them all.

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      AMI or Azure Image Based Deployment

      Unlike typical SaaS solutions, Hyperglance is deployed in your own VPC/VNet through the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, or in your own instance/VM. With this deployment model, you won't encounter a new data security headache.


      • All data is stored on the instance/VM; you control and own everything
      • Only connects to the AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes APIs - not to your resources
      • You never share credentials with a third party
      • No need to worry about Compliance
      • Easier internal sign-off
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