AWS GovCloud Diagrams, Inventory & Cost Optimization

Reduce your costs by up to 30%

Communicate GovCloud Architecture to Third Parties

Includes Diagrams, Security & Compliance, Automation & Cost Optimization

Agentless, self-hosted on your VM supporting FedRAMP Moderate & High, DoD SRG IL2, IL4, IL5

Approved Gov Supplier (CAGE 9VL31)

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Automatically Diagram Your AWS GovCloud Architecture

Real-time & scalable interactive diagram of your AWS GovCloud infrastructure

Hyperglance provides a rich contextual view of AWS GovCloud resources that is always up-to-date.

Effectively communicate network architecture, compliance status, and cloud security posture to third-party assessors and technical partners.

GovCloud Cost Optimization

Comprehensive AWS Cost Analysis

Deep dive into your AWS and GovCloud architecture to save money, estimate costs, and get a handle on your AWS bill.

Hyperglance pulls in your GovCloud billing data and overlays that onto our extensive inventory.

  • Actual costs, not estimates
  • Advanced search highlights actual application spend
  • See where cloud resources are not being used

Maintain budget and combat cost creep with Hyperglance's prioritized cost-saving opportunities.

Lower your managerial overhead even further by setting up automatic enforcement of cost-saving policies in <30 seconds.

Hyperglance includes built-in rules to highlight orphaned and underutilized resources
Hyperglance's cost explorer allows you to easily find high-cost items

GovCloud Security & Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance & Security Scanning

Hyperglance continuously scans for any issues with your security and compliance across all your accounts.

Featuring built-in rule sets for:

One misconfiguration can open you up to major vulnerabilities. As a government agency or public sector organization, you need to have complete confidence in your cloud security and cloud costs. Let Hyperglance give you peace of mind.

Security and Compliance rules
hyperglance aws rules engine

Agentless & Secure

Hyperglance is self-hosted on your VM, mitigating the security concerns associated with a traditional SaaS solution.


  • Your data, your rules: All information is securely stored on your instance/VM, ensuring absolute ownership and control.
  • Secure connectivity: Hyperglance only interfaces with AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes APIs, never directly accessing your resources.
  • Credential confidence: No need to risk compromise by sharing credentials with third parties.
  • Compliance concerns, eliminated: Streamline approval and rest easy with our compliance-friendly solution.
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Automatic Cloud Governance

With cost & risk on the rise, cloud automation is becoming an increasingly essential part of an effective cloud management strategy - GovCloud is no exception.

Use Hyperglance to build automations and alerting in seconds, supporting a wide variety of use cases including:

  • Real-time security incident reporting
  • SNS, EventGrid, Slack, Teams, Jira & SMTP notifications
  • Enforcing tagging policy compliance
  • Removing idle resources
  • Encrypting S3 buckets
  • ... and more!

Cloud automations are managed directly from the Hyperglance dashboard and integrate with Lambda and SNS.

Configure Hyperglance rules to automatically stop, terminate or delete resources on a set schedule/period

90% of Fortune 100 Companies Use Partner Solutions

Hyperglance is a member of both the AWS Partner Network (APN) and Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The partner networks are global communities of approved partners that use AWS & Azure to build market-leading solutions.

Trusted by the Best

Our users include some of the world's most respected government departments, and aerospace and defense companies.

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