AWS GovCloud Diagrams, Inventory, Compliance & Cost Optimization


Communicate Cloud Architecture to Third Parties


Real-time FedRAMP, NIST 800-53 & 800-171 Compliance Checks


Find & Eliminate Costly Idle/Unattached Resources


Automate Cloud Governance


AMI-based deployment supports FedRAMP Moderate & High, DoD SRG IL2, IL4, IL5

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Automatically Diagram Your AWS GovCloud Architecture

Real-time & scalable interactive diagram of your AWS GovCloud infrastructure

Hyperglance provides a rich contextual view of AWS GovCloud resources that is always up-to-date.

Effectively communicate network architecture, compliance status, and security posture to third-party assessors and technical partners.

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GovCloud Cost Optimization

Comprehensive cost analysis

Save money, estimate cost, and get a handle on your AWS bill.

Hyperglance pulls in your cloud bills and overlays that knowledge on our extensive inventory.

  • Actual costs, not estimates
  • Advanced search highlights actual application spend
  • See where cloud resources are not being used

Maintain budget and combat cost-creep with Hyperglance's prioritized cost-saving opportunities.

Lower your managerial overhead even further by setting up automatic enforcement of cost-saving policies in <30 seconds.

Hyperglance includes built-in rules to highlight orphaned and underutilized resources
Hyperglance's cost explorer allows you to easily find high-cost items
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GovCloud Security & Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance & Security Scanning

Hyperglance continuously scans for any issues with your security and compliance across all your accounts.

Featuring built-in rule sets for:

One misconfiguration can open you up to major vulnerabilities. Let Hyperglance give you peace of mind.

Security and Compliance rules
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AMI-Based Deployment

Hyperglance is deployed in your GovCloud VPC through the AWS GovCloud Marketplace. With this deployment model, you won't encounter a new data security headache.


  • All data is stored on the Hyperglance Instance; you control and own everything
  • Only connects to the AWS API - not to your resources
  • You never share credentials with a third party
  • No need to worry about FedRAMP compliance
  • Supports FedRAMP Moderate & High, and DoD SRG IL2, IL4 & IL5
  • Easier internal sign-off
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      Automatic Cloud Governance

      Build automation and alerting in seconds to support a wide variety of use cases including:

      • Real-time security incident reporting
      • Slack, email and SNS alerting
      • Enforcing tagging policy compliance
      • Removing idle resources
      • Encrypting S3 buckets
      • ... and more!

      Automations are managed directly from the Hyperglance dashboard and integrate with Lambda and SNS.

      Configure Hyperglance rules to automatically stop, terminate or delete resources on a set schedule/period
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