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Azure Image based deployment supports FedRAMP Moderate & High, DoD SRG IL2, IL4, IL5

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Azure Government Architecture Diagrams

Real-time & scalable interactive diagram of your Azure Government cloud infrastructure

Effectively communicate network architecture, compliance status, and security posture to third-party assessors and technical partners.


  • See all your Azure & Kubernetes cloud architecture in one view
  • Azure diagrams generate and update automatically, saving you precious time
  • Export your Azure diagrams, as often as you like, to Visio (download VSDX sample), PNG, or CSV; includes easy-to-use RESTful API
  • Automatically schedule exports to push to a storage account that can be referenced in Atlassian Confluence
  • Find dependencies, and view/search detailed metadata across all your Azure Government accounts, subscriptions, VNets, and subnets - including metrics, and Azure alarms
  • Overlay metadata onto your Azure cloud diagram, including cost, to add important context
  • Scales to any size; Hyperglance grows with your cloud
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Azure Government Inventory Management

Quickly Document & Search Your Azure Inventory

As your Azure Government architecture grows in complexity, so does the time and knowledge required to document it.

Whether you're managing your own cloud and its documentation, or need to quickly audit a third party's, Hyperglance will help you find what you need, when you need it.


  • Discover all your Azure subscriptions in one, easy to understand, location
  • Find Azure resources in seconds using powerful filtering & search
  • Search using resource attributes, metrics, cost, alarms, and more
  • View your Azure Government inventory & search results in a diagram with one-click
  • Create saved searches to save time and monitor configuration
  • Quickly export your entire cloud inventory, or specific search results, into CSV
  • Print or export PNG or Visio architecture diagrams¬†(download VSDX sample)
  • Automate exports as often as you need using our RESTful API
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Azure Government Cost Optimization

Reduce your Azure bill

Save money, estimate costs, and get a handle on your bill.

Hyperglance pulls in your Azure billing data and overlays that knowledge on our extensive inventory.

  • Actual costs, not estimates
  • Advanced search highlights actual application spend
  • See where cloud resources are not being used
  • Maintain budget and combat cost creep with Hyperglance's prioritized cost-saving opportunities

Lower your managerial overhead even further by setting up automatic enforcement of cost-saving policies in <30 seconds.

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Azure Government Rules Engine & Automation

Make your cloud work harder for you

It's difficult to get the most from Azure Government without utilizing automation. With Hyperglance, you can create automations and alerting in seconds to support a growing variety of use cases including:

  • Slack, email and Event Grid alerting
  • Deleting idle and orphaned resources

Automations are managed directly from the Hyperglance dashboard and utilize Azure Automation Functions:

hyperglance azure monitoring rules
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Azure Image Based Deployment

Hyperglance is deployed using an Azure Image in your Azure Government VNet. With this deployment model, you won't encounter a new data security headache.


  • All data is stored on the VM; you control and own everything
  • Only connects to the Azure API - not to your resources
  • You never share credentials with a third party
  • No need to worry about compliance
  • Easier internal sign-off
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