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Over 150+ Rules. Ready to Customize. Updated Frequently.

Comprehensive Compliance and Security scanning

Constant scanning for Security and Compliance issues

Hyperglance continuously scans for any issues with your security and compliance across all your accounts.

  • Inbuilt, customisable rules
  • Auto remediate issues
  • Easy to export data
  • All your data stays in your security boundary, all data lives in an instance in your VPC or VNet

One misconfiguration can open you up to major vulnerabilities. Let Hyperglance give you peace of mind.

Security and Compliance rules

Continuous Scanning

Real-Time Alerting

Hyperglance continuously scans your cloud and runs advanced rules to check on your Security and Compliance

  • Scans your inventory continuously
  • Rules can be set to run from 1 minute to 1 year
  • No limit on number of rules or how often they run


Integrated Diagrams 

See identified issues in context

Leverage Hyperglance's extensive diagram capability to see resources in context.

  • Instantly see affected resources in context in a diagram
  • Export the diagram to VSDX, PNG, PDF or CSV 

Hyperglance shows you where identified resources are located and what is connected so you have clear insight into potential impacts.    

Graph Traversal

Graph Traversal = Better results

Our rules use our dependency model to reduce false positives

Hyperglance has a dependency model of your AWS, Azure and Kubernetes architecture. Our rules can traverse that graph so you don't take decisions in isolation. 

  • Comes with pre-defined rules covering Security & Compliance frameworks
  • Out of the box auditing
  • Create your own rules or copy ours


All your data stays with you

Runs inside your cloud, all data stays with you 

Runs isolated in your VPC. No need to worry about 3rd party security.

  • Only needs to connect to the AWS or Azure APIs, not your infrastructure
  • No external access needed
  • No sharing of credentials with a 3rd party
  • No shared data with a 3rd party
  • Easy to get sign off from your Security department

SaaS platforms are great but how confident are you about their security? You have to give them access to your data and all those credentials and data go outside your organization boundaries. Hyperglance runs as a stand alone instance inside your VPC or VNet. No external access, no shared DB, no security worries.

Automatic Remediation

Leverage Lambda or Event Grid

Kick off an SNS notification or Event Grid event to automatically remediate issues found.


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Built on our Advanced Rules Engine

Customise or create your own rules

Advanced rules engine enables audit, security monitoring and cost reduction.

  • Pre-defined rules included
  • Create your own rules based on metadata, metrics and Alarms
  • Add as many Rules as you need
  • Send emails or AWS SNS notifications to enable automation
  • Schedule rules to run periodically or at a certain time

Within minutes Hyperglance will give you a list of actionable insights on your cloud. Hyperglance includes a growing ruleset that checks for cost issues and highlights any under-utilised resources so you can either re-size or remove them, thus saving money. Any rule can be customized to fit your environment and you can create as many rules as you like.

API Accessible (coming soon)

Easily integrate into your CI/CD

Our RESTful API will allow you easily access all rules,  alerts and insights Hyperglance provides.

  • CRUD rule access
  • Use Hyperglance analysis in your other systems like a SIEM platform
  • Let us do the hard work of aggregating all those Cloud APIs!


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AWS GovCloud Support

Security & Compliance checks for your GovCloud accounts

Hyperglance runs as an isolated instance in your GovCloud VPC. The rule set is constantly scanning to make sure you are on top of any potential Security or Compliance issues.

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