Cloud Security & Compliance Automation


Continuous cloud compliance monitoring with 200+ built-in checks


Based on key regulatory & compliance frameworks


Codeless automations fix issues in real-time


AMI or Azure Image based deployment

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Improve Your Cloud Security Posture

Powerful Cloud Security & Compliance Monitoring  & Automation

As the complexity required for effective Cloud Security Posture Management grows, so does the risk your business faces. Hyperglance helps you overcome that, and comes shipped with hundreds of predefined checks, all designed to improve your cloud security posture.

Within minutes, you'll discover an actionable list of cloud compliance insights based on industry best practices and frameworks. We want to reduce your business' risk, and save you time & money.


  • Includes 200+ predefined, customizable, & regularly updated rules
  • Covers AWS Well-Architected, CIS top 20, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, and more
  • Create your own rules using metadata, cost, metrics, and alarms
  • View issues, in context, in a powerful & interactive architecture diagram
  • Configure rules to trigger notification services, and slack/email alerts
  • Use predefined automations to remediate AWS & Azure issues
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Cloud Compliance Monitoring

Hyperglance continuously scans your cloud inventory, looking for policy breaches, misconfiguration, and vulnerabilities:


  • Includes 200+ rules, tailored to AWS & Azure
  • Run as many rules as you like, as often as you like
  • New & updated rules added regularly
  • Customize our rules or create your own
  • Trigger notifications, emails, and Slack alerts
  • Monitor across your entire AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes architecture and its dependencies
  • Rules traverse the dependency graph to reduce false positives
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Comply With Key Frameworks

Our built-in checks are based on industry best-practices, and will help you comply with key security & compliance frameworks, including:


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Codeless Cloud Security & Compliance Automation

A cloud rules engine that works harder for you

Cloud management shouldn’t involve guesswork, let alone skilled team members spending time on relatively menial tasks and troubleshooting operational problems.

Hyperglance ships with codeless solutions designed to help you to automatically enforce cost, security & compliance policies, and more... all in real-time:


  • Identify compliance & security violations, then remediate them to meet your requirements
  • Ships with hundreds of rules and an ever-growing library of AWS Lambda functions (Azure automation functions coming soon)
  • Discover and implement cost optimizations
  • Connect rules and automations to enforce your policies
  • Fix resource tagging issues in real-time
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AMI or Azure Image Based Deployment

    Unlike typical SaaS solutions, Hyperglance is deployed in your own VPC/VNet through the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, or in your own instance/VM. With this deployment model, you won't encounter a new data security headache.


    • All data is stored on the instance/VM; you control and own everything
    • Only connects to the AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes APIs - not to your resources
    • You never share credentials with a third party
    • No need to worry about Compliance
    • Easier internal sign-off
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        Ashwin R. (Enterprise IT Director)

        Hyperglance has really helped us with our compliance - specifically with a recent PCI DSS audit. We've saved heaps of time using the built-in monitoring, and have created several custom checks to ensure we comply with internal policies. The minute something goes wrong, the team use the notification to trigger the appropriate fix. It's been a great help.

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        What Else Is Great About Hyperglance?

        Automatic Diagrams

        View resources and their dependencies on an automatic, real-time, cloud diagram that's easy to understand and scalable.

        Cost Optimization

        Continuously monitor your cloud for potential cost savings & optimizations, all based on industry best practices.

        Automation & Remediation

        An extensive library of automations to fix & optimize your cloud cost, security, and compliance in real-time.

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        90% of Fortune 100 Companies Use Partner Network Solutions

        Hyperglance is proud to be a member of both the AWS Partner Network (APN) and the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The partner networks are global communities of approved partners that use AWS & Azure to build market-leading solutions.

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