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Cloud Cost Optimization & Analytics

Effortless Cloud Cost Control & Management Software

Have you ever wondered how to reduce your cloud bill, or what's costing you so much? You aren't alone.

Hyperglance's powerful cloud cost explorer, search, and inventory make analyzing your cloud costs quick and painless. Understanding your bill is one thing, but reducing it can be quite another. We empathize, which is why we've built Hyperglance to equip you with best-in-class cloud cost management tools that identify real-time cloud cost-saving optimizations.

Within minutes, Hyperglance's powerful cloud cost management tools will put you on the path to effective cloud financial management.


  • Easily explore your cloud charges and see actual costs in a diagram
  • Built-in checks provide you with an instant list of actionable insights across your cloud
  • Automate your cost control using our automation library
  • Take advantage of AWS reserved-instance (RI) & right-sizing recommendations
Cloud Cost Wastage

Azure & AWS Cost Analysis & Exploration

Cloud cost management solutions don’t have to be complicated. Using our intuitive diagram and cost dashboard, you can easily explore your AWS & Azure actual cloud charges and find what you need, when you need it.

Simple & effective cloud cost analysis that results in bill-reducing cloud cost optimization.


  • See aggregated cost charts of all your Accounts & Subscriptions.
  • Easily see how much a resource, or group of resources, costs.
  • Create filters for services, regions, or accounts.
  • Identify large cost items in seconds and go directly to the resource with one click.
  • Filter then share your results, with PNG, PDF, JPG, or SVG exports.
Cloud Cost Explorer (Sankey Diagram)

Reduce Your Azure & AWS Bill With Cloud Cost Optimization

It’s easy to forget what is in your cloud; isolated and under-utilized resources are a waste of money and a security risk.

Hyperglance highlights these resources so that you can delete or resize them, giving you confidence that you aren’t wasting money. Examples of cost optimization features that reduce your AWS & Azure bill include:


  • Identify AWS Reserved Instance (RI) & right-sizing recommendations in real-time
  • Quickly scan your inventory to find orphaned resources
  • See the cost of these over the last 30 days
  • Easily list all the highlighted resources
  • Export the list to CSV to easily share the information
hyperglance cost optimization checks

Cloud Cost Trend Analysis & Anomaly Detection

If you're sick of getting stung by an unexpectedly large AWS or Azure bill, this is for you.

FinOps, architects, and engineers get a deep analytical view of cloud usage, enabling rapid resource optimization, proactive cost management, and laser-accurate forecasting.

  • Analyze your cloud costs over time
  • Review your projected cloud bill
  • Discover unexpected changes in cost
  • Identify, isolate, and remediate problem resources
  • Split data by account, region, service & more
Cloud Cost Trend Analysis
Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection

Built-In Rules-Engine & Automation

Cloud Cost Management Tools for Success

A cloud rules engine that works harder for you. Within minutes, Hyperglance's rules engine will give you a list of actionable insights and cloud cost savings analysis. All of the rules can be customized to fit your environment and, what’s more, you can create as many of your own rules as you like!

Hyperglance ships with codeless automations designed to help you discover and automatically implement & enforce cost optimizations... all in real-time:


  • Ships with hundreds of rules that can be connected to an ever-growing library of AWS Lambda and Azure Automation functions
  • Trigger SNS, EventGrid, Slack, Teams, Jira & SMTP notifications
  • Create unlimited rules using metadata, cost, metrics and alarms
  • Schedule rules to suit you - set them to run periodically or at specific times
hyperglance cloud monitoring rule builder

Proudly Best-in-Class

Hyperglance is rated 4.8/5 on G2

Rated 4.8/5 on G2

"We primarily use Hyperglance to ensure compliance with our cloud costs. It’s worked great for us and has probably paid for itself 100 times over. We faced significant challenges keeping our environment under control, and the related costs were not small. Hyperglance cut those down immediately.

The information it provides enables strategic decision-making for current and future cost optimization. Through using the tool, we’ve gained key insights like where the waste is and whether we have deficiencies in our build systems. We do builds many times a day, across multiple clouds, and by examining our Hyperglance dashboards and reports, we have been able to capture real savings."

Agentless & Secure

Hyperglance is self-hosted on your VM, mitigating the security concerns associated with a traditional SaaS solution.


  • Your data, your rules: All information is securely stored on your instance/VM, ensuring absolute ownership and control.
  • Secure connectivity: Hyperglance only interfaces with AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes APIs, never directly accessing your resources.
  • Credential confidence: No need to risk compromise by sharing credentials with third parties.
  • Compliance concerns, eliminated: Streamline approval and rest easy with our compliance-friendly solution.
cloud security illustration

90% of Fortune 100 Companies Use Partner Solutions

Hyperglance is a member of both the AWS Partner Network (APN) and Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The partner networks are global communities of approved partners that use AWS & Azure to build market-leading solutions.

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What Else Do Hyperglance Users Love?

A command center for cloud professionals.

Automatic Diagrams

View resources and their dependencies in an interactive, real-time cloud diagram that's easy to understand & scalable.

Security & Compliance

Continuously scan your cloud for security & compliance issues, based on industry best practices & frameworks.

Automation & Remediation

An extensive automation library to optimize or remediate your cloud cost, security, and compliance in real time.

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