Hyperglance Launches AWS Reserved Instance Recommendations

Continuing with our commitment to helping you save money in the cloud, we’ve added a recommendation engine that helps you see which AWS Instances would benefit from a Reserved Instance (RI) reservation.

This new feature is included in Hyperglance’s subscription at no extra cost.

About Reserved Instances

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RI) can provide a significant discount (up to 72%) compared to On-Demand pricing.

EC2 RIs provide a discounted hourly rate and an optional capacity reservation for EC2 instances. AWS Billing automatically applies your RI’s discounted rate when attributes of EC2 instance usage match attributes of an active RI.

With RIs, you can choose between 3 types; Standard, Convertible or Scheduled.

  1. Standard RIs.
    • These provide the most significant discount (up to 72% off On-Demand) and are best suited for steady-state usage.
  2. Convertible RIs. 
    • These provide a discount (up to 54% off On-Demand) and the capability to change the attributes of the RI as long as the exchange results in the creation of Reserved Instances of equal or greater value. Like Standard RIs, Convertible RIs are best suited for steady-state usage.
  3. Scheduled RIs. 
    • These are available to launch within the time windows you reserve. This option allows you to match your capacity reservation to a predictable recurring schedule that only requires a fraction of a day, a week, or a month.

There are two classes of RIs; Convertible and Standard. Convertible RIs can be exchanged for different Convertible RIs of equal or greater value.

AWS offers Reserved Instances for 1-year or 3-year terms. Reserved Instance Marketplace sellers also offer RIs, frequently with shorter terms. 

RI Payment Options

You can choose between three payment options: All Upfront, Partial Upfront, and No Upfront.

If you choose the Partial or No Upfront payment option, the remaining balance will be due in monthly increments over the term. 

Where to find Hyperglance’s recommendations

We have added a tab in our cost page listing all our recommendations. 

Reserved Recommendations location

Go to Cost > Recommendations to find Hyperglance's Reserved Instance recommendations

Recommendation Details

Hyperglance calculates the cost of your Instances over the last month and lets you see how much you can save by buying a 12 or 36-month Reserved Instance.

You can see cost savings percentage-wise, monthly or over the entire term.

It's easy to see at a glance where you can save and how much.

Reserved Instance Recommendation details

Hyperglance shows you how much you can save by buying a 12 or 36 month Reserved Instance

Find Context Using Our Extensive Inventory

Hyperglance connects to the AWS API to collect extensive metadata and metrics that allow you to deep dive into the performance and relationships of your Instances.

With just a few clicks you can see things like tagging, runtime, location and performance over the past month.

Instance attributes

Hyperglance has extensive metadata on each resource

Instance Metrics

Cloudwatch metrics and available for investigation

Instance CPU chart

Cloudwatch metrics and available for investigation

See your Instances in Context

Hyperglance includes an automatically built and updated diagram of all your AWS resources.

Sometimes to truly understand something, you need to see a picture. Hyperglance instantly shows you the instance, in context, in a dynamic, interactive diagram that can be exported to .vsdx, .png, .pdf or .csv format.

Hyperglance Diagram

Hyperglance includes an automatically build and updated diagram of all your AWS resources

Use Hyperglance to save you money today

Hyperglance's new Reserved Instance Recommendations can help rein in your AWS costs while giving you the visibility you need in order to best manage your cloud.

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