Cloud Management for the Public Sector

Why Should Government Agencies & Public Sector Organizations Choose Hyperglance?

Our mission is to help public sector and government organizations meet their compliance requirements, and provide post-ATO continuous monitoring services.

Hyperglance is the only platform that gives you true end to end cloud management; cost optimization, security & compliance monitoring and automation & remediation while keeping your data completely confidential and within your control. As a government agency or public sector organisation, you need to have complete confidence in your cloud security posture management (CSPM) as well as knowing that you are optimizing your cloud costs.

Hyperglance's ever-growing ruleset already covers key frameworks including CMMC, FedRAMP, ACSC ISM, FISMA/RMF, DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 & 800-83

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Because Hyperglance is deployed inside your VPC/VNet, within your cloud authorization boundary, there is no external access or calling home. You own & control the data. This also means there is no requirement for us to be FedRAMP authorized. Hyperglance's deployment model supports FedRAMP Moderate & High, and DoD SRG IL2, IL4 & IL5.

With full AWS GovCloud and Azure Government support, and the US Air Force and NASA on our client list, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Get started with Hyperglance today and get complete peace of mind.

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Unique Solutions to Public Sector Problems

Automatically create diagrams & aggregated inventory of all your accounts

  • Aggregates all your AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions and K8s clusters in one searchable window.
  • Save time by not having to handcraft up to date documentation & see dependencies on a diagram.
  • Easy export of important and hard to get information.
  • Advanced search allows easy to create, no code, complex queries.
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Easy to use rules engine with hundreds of built-in rules covering cost, security, compliance & best practices

  • Investigate and verify our recommendations then action them inside Hyperglance
  • Covers AWS Well-Architected, CIS top 20, NIST 800-53 & 800-171
  • Adjust our rules, create your own, and run them as often as you like
  • Search across the dependency model to reduce false positives
  • Instant export to CSV
  • Send notifications to Slack, Email, SNS, Event Grid
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Extensive automation and remediation feature set, saving you time, risk, and money

  • Over 50 AWS automations included.
  • Customize ours or create your own.
  • Easy to use, codeless implementation.
  • Aggregate all your scripts.
  • Automate your tagging strategy.
  • Runs on platforms you know and control (S3 & Lambda).
  • Deployed using git & terraform.
  • All data is kept in S3 buckets in JSON format.
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Trusted by the Best

Our users include some of the world's most respected government departments, and aerospace and defense companies.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Hyperglance enabled us to easily characterize an ever-changing architecture and clearly communicate its security posture to leadership and third-party assessors. The capability to search for resources across accounts, view workload costs, and visualize networks, has saved us countless engineering hours. I can't imagine trudging through the console to find all the routes, VPC connections, security group rules, ACLs, and internet gateways supporting an application now that I've used it. Furthermore, the cost data and filtering features directly enabled a 4 member team to reduce our organization's cloud spend by 30%."

Cloud Infrastructure PM, US Air Force

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