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Hyperglance Pricing


No Monthly Obligation - Pay Only When The Instance Is Running - Start & Stop Anytime

Up To 100 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial
Up To 250 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial
Up To 500 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial
Up To 1,000 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial
Up To 5,000 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial
Up To 10,000 Resources


per hour (USD)

7 Day Free Trial

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hyperglance consider a Resource?

A ‘Resource’ to Hyperglance is an instance/VM, Load balancer, Gateway, S3 Bucket, Database instance, or Peering Connection with all of its associated data, that is defined as a single entity or instance by its primary source platform. We don’t count interfaces, links, attributes or chart data as separate ‘Resources’. See here for a full list of what Hyperglance considers resources.

How is Hyperglance invoiced?

Because Hyperglance is provisioned inside the marketplace you are invoiced directly by AWS or Microsoft, from your already established payment method. The cost is just another line item in your AWS or Azure bill. No need to ask procurement to add another provider.

How is Hyperglance billed?

Hyperglance is provisioned as an AWS or Azure instance so it is billed only when the instance is running. The cost per hour depends on the number of resources you need. For example, if you run a 500 resource Hyperglance instance in AWS for 20 hours in a month the cost would be 1.23 * 20 = $24.60 (plus any cloud vendor charges).

Is Hyperglance a shared service?

No, Hyperglance runs in a VM/Instance inside AWS or Azure, deployed via the AWS or Azure Marketplace. There is no shared data and you control access.

Is my data secure?

Yes it is, Hyperglance is not a SaaS platform and runs inside AWS or Azure. Hyperglance doesn’t call back to base and is self contained.

Can I add data to Hyperglance?

Yes you can, Hyperglance comes with an extensive RESTful API that you can use to augment or create links, interfaces, alarms and attributes. You can also add hyperlinks to any entity.

Do you provide perpetual licencing?

Yes, please contact us for perpetual licencing prices

Does Hyperglance support AWS GovCloud?

Yes, Hyperglance supports the GovCloud regions. Hyperglance can run as an isolated instance in a GovCloud region or it can connect to the GovCloud regions API endpoint when running in another region.

Can I use Hyperglance with more than 10,000 resources?

Yes, please contact us for licencing prices

How do I cancel Hyperglance?

This is easy. Simply stop the Hyperglance instance at any time.

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