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We understand that price is a significant factor in any software purchase. We also want to make sure that you're able to make an informed decision - it's important to us that our pricing is transparent, and you have all the information you need.

We could waste your time with a multi-dimensional pricing algorithm for you to try to solve. We won't, though.

Instead, we prefer to speak to you to understand your requirements so that we can provide you with Hyperglance's cost options and the value Hyperglance will deliver for your business.

Please schedule a chat with one of our experts who will:

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Hyperglance's users include some of the world's largest companies, as well as numerous government departments & agencies.

Common Questions

Is Hyperglance a shared service?

No, Hyperglance runs in a VM/Instance inside AWS or Azure, there is no shared data and you control access.

Is data secure in Hyperglance?

Yes, it is. Hyperglance is not a SaaS platform and runs inside AWS or Azure. Hyperglance doesn’t call back to base, and is self-contained.

Can data be added into Hyperglance?

Yes, you can. Hyperglance comes with an extensive RESTful API that you can use to augment or create links, interfaces, alarms and attributes. You can also add hyperlinks to any entity.

Does Hyperglance support AWS GovCloud?

Yes, Hyperglance supports the GovCloud regions. Hyperglance can run as an isolated instance in a GovCloud region or it can connect to the GovCloud regions API endpoint when running in another region.

Does Hyperglance support Azure Government?

Not at the moment, although we are working towards it. Please drop us a message and let us know if you're interested.


Can Hyperglance be deployed into a Kubernetes cluster?

No, not at the moment. Hyperglance can be deployed via the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, or in your own instance/VM.

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