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*AWS & Azure pricing available on their respective Marketplace listings. Marketplace pricing is pay per hour with a discount for a yearly purchase.

Pricing FAQ

How do you define a Node?

A “node” for Hyperglance is an instance, Load balancer, Route Table, Gateway, Target Group, S3 Bucket, Database instance, or Peering Connection with all of its associated data, that is defined as a single entity or instance by its primary source platform. We don’t count interfaces, links, attributes or chart data.

Do you provide perpetual licencing?

Yes, please contact us for perpetual licencing prices –

Do you provide hourly licencing?

Hourly licences are currently available on the AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

Is Hyperglance SaaS?

No, Hyperglance runs in a VM/Instance inside your firewall or inside your private cloud. There is no shared data and you control access.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

Hyperglance is not a SaaS platform and runs inside your firewall or inside your private cloud. Hyperglance doesn’t call back to base and is self contained.

Can I add data to Hyperglance by myself?

Yes, Hyperglance comes with an extensive RESTful API that you can use to augment or create nodes, links, endpoints, alarms and attributes. You can also add hyperlinks to any entity.

Do you have special offerings for partners?

Yes, we have a partner program with discounts. Contact us –