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Cost optimization & alerting


Security & compliance monitoring


Codeless automation & remediation


Cloud diagrams & inventory


AMI or Azure Image based deployment

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Hyperglance's users include some of the world's largest companies, as well as numerous government departments & agencies.

Cloud Management That Gives You Control

Discover problems & opportunities, automate optimizations & remediation, reduce your bill, and save time spent on documentation.

Diagrams & Inventory


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Discover, explore, and export your aggregated inventory in real-time

Security & Compliance


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Monitor continuously using hundreds of built-in checks based on key frameworks

Cost Management


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Analyze your cloud costs, identify waste, and reduce your AWS & Azure bill

Automation & Remediation


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An extensive library of automations to fix & optimize your cloud in real-time

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Make Your Cloud Work Harder For You

As cloud complexity continues to increase, so does its risk & cost.

Cloud management shouldn’t involve guesswork, let alone skilled team members spending time on relatively menial tasks and troubleshooting operational problems.

Hyperglance ships with solutions designed to help you to automatically enforce cost, security & compliance policies, and more... all in real-time.

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    Hyperglance connects to the AWS, Azure, & Kubernetes APIs and collects attributes, metrics, and more


    Hyperglance aggregates all your account, subscription and cluster data into a single searchable inventory

    Analyze & Display

    Hyperglance analyzes your inventory, creates a dependency model, and shows you it in an interactive diagram


    Hyperglance’s rules engine constantly checks policy, highlights any violations, then notifies you


    Rule violations trigger Hyperglance Automations, fixing problems in your cloud as they occur

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    Complete Cloud Visibility



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    Explore and optimize your complete Azure infrastructure (including Azure Government), and automatically reduce your bill.



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    Document & search your AWS inventory (including GovCloud), monitor & automate compliance & cost control.



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    Complete visibility across your Kubernetes distributions, including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, and OpenShift.

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    90% of Fortune 100 Companies Use Partner Network Solutions

    Hyperglance is proud to be a member of both the AWS Partner Network (APN) and the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The partner networks are global communities of approved partners that use AWS & Azure to build market-leading solutions.

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