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Aggregated Cloud Search
Real-Time Architecture Diagrams

find security holes and misconfiguration across AWS & Azure
see results on an automated, real-time interactive diagram

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Microsoft Azure

Single Pane of Glass for AWS & Azure

combine all your AWS & Azure accounts into one, search over all, see how it all relates

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Automated data aggregation & dependency creation
A single place that brings all that data together and allows you easy access to search and explore.

Advanced global search
Advanced search functions that allows you to search the aggregated dataset and find security holes and misconfigurations.

Tag based filtering
Easily isolate important services and their dependencies.

Quick and simple to get up and running
Get up and running in under 10 minutes.

Real-Time, interactive, Architecture diagram
All of your infrastructure, in one place, for everyone who needs it.

Unlimited accounts
Stop limiting your security and visibility.

Runs in your AWS VPC or Azure Virtual Network
No shared database, no shared credentials, you don’t need to worry about compliance.

SAML authentication option
SAML authentication included.

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