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5 Reasons Why Cloud Visualization Is Your Next Project


Visualization is a human trait, it has been part of us since our ancestors painted on cave walls to map animal types, movement and the hunt. A more recent example of visualization as an innovation was when Napoleon used them in the early 19th century wars. He didn’t need to put himself in danger to see […]

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Relationships Matter Just as Much in the Cloud as They Do in Real Life!


Our entire life is dominated by relationships. In the early days it’s your parents and siblings. As you grow older it’s school friends, then when you start work you grow your network and older relationships die away. Sometimes a relationship breaks down and needs mending, it sometimes takes a long time to fix and you probably should […]

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When Runbooks Can’t Keep Up: IT Pros Use Visualization


There’s a problem lurking in the cloud-era IT industry. Seventeen years since the 20th century and documentation techniques such as runbooks from that era still persist today. 21st century technologies and methodologies such as cloud services, containers, microservices, APIs and DevOps are more dynamic than datacenters of old because they are more virtual, […]

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