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Cloud technology provides unprecedented power. It's elastic, it's scalable, and it’s easy to deploy. The downside? It’s easy to lose track of what you have and what it costs.

Hyperglance is built to help you discover problems & opportunities, automate optimizations & remediation, reduce your bill, and save time spent on documentation

Making Your Cloud Work Harder For You

Customers come to us because they have little or no idea where their costs are coming from or what to do about it. When they're using more than one cloud, the complexity compounds.

Our roots will always be market-leading diagrams and inventory visualization, but the core of today's solution is designed to help you automatically control your costs, enforce security & compliance policies, and more... all in real-time.

Why Hyperglance?

Unmatched Observability

Hyperlance is the only tool you need to instantly visualize and manage your cloud architecture. No matter how complex, with the most powerful user-friendly dashboard anywhere, Hyperglance creates a complete cloud infrastructure diagram where you can see all your assets, all your connections and all their dependencies all at once.

Security You Can Count On

Our sophisticated rules engine shines a light on your security and compliance risk. That’s critical because most successful attacks on cloud services come from unforced errors and internal blind spots. Hyperglance isn't SaaS. It's 100% self-hosted running inside your environment. Your data stays where it belongs, with you. We don't ever see or touch your data.

Fully Customizable

Hyperglance works for you. Hyperglance includes hundreds of out-of-the-box fully customizable checks, all designed to help you enforce policy and reduce your cloud bill. Hyperglance is self-hosted, deployed through the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, in Kubernetes, or installed on your own instance/VM.

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Hyperglance Features

Cloud Diagrams & Inventory


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Generate automatic diagrams, and explore & export your aggregated inventory in real-time.

Cloud Cost Optimization


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Analyze your cloud costs in real-time, identify waste, and reduce your AWS & Azure bill.

Cloud Security & Compliance


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Continuous monitoring using hundreds of built-in checks based on key cybersecurity frameworks.

Cloud Automation & Remediation


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Utilize an extensive & ever-growing library of automations to fix & optimize your cloud in real-time.

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Hyperglance Platforms

Hyperglance continuously scans your environment, creates an interactive visualization of every resource and every relationship in your cloud architecture from AWS & Azure to Kubernetes, and is able to deliver insights and solutions in real-time.

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Enterprise-Grade Surprises

Every plan comes loaded with features you'll not only love, but be used to paying extra for.



Hyperglance can connect to the AWS, Azure & Kubernetes APIs in parallel, giving you a powerful aggregated view or your multi-cloud inventory.

AMI or Azure Image Based Deployment


No data security headache: Deploy Hyperglance in your own VPC/VNet via the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, or in your own instance/VM.



Managing permissions for Hyperglance is easy: there's no extra charge to use your SAML provider, e.g. Okta & Active Directory.

RESTful API Access


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Hyperglance's aggregated inventory contains a powerful amount of data; access it all via an easy-to-use RESTful, JSON-based API.

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