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At Hyperglance, we enable businesses of all sizes to easily understand their cloud architecture so they can verify their infrastructure standards, better secure their environment and manage costs.

The team behind Hyperglance have years of experience in cloud architecture and the fast paced changes in innovation and scale. Hyperglance was born out of need, the need to visualise, document, search and secure our infrastructure. We’ve developed the only solution that automatically diagrams cloud architecture, making it easy to implement and use.

Hyperglance is privately owned and headquartered in London, with an office in San Jose, CA.  Its customers range from large organizations within various sectors, such as Financial Services, Government, Food Products, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, to SMEs and smaller businesses across all sectors. Hyperglance solves problems for all businesses with a requirement to understand/document their cloud architecture and increase their security posture.

Hyperglance is easily available through the AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.

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