Cloud Cost Optimization Rules

Continuous Monitoring to Reduce Your Cloud Bill

Continually monitor your cloud for cost reduction opportunities:


  • Hyperglance is shipped with customizable rules, tailored to AWS & Azure
  • New rules are added regularly in Hyperglance updates
  • Fix problems automatically as they arise
  • Trigger SNS, EventGrid, Slack, Teams, Jira & SMTP notifications

AWS Rules

Azure Rules

What is Cloud Cost Monitoring?

Cloud cost monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing the costs associated with cloud computing services. As more businesses migrate their operations to the cloud, it becomes increasingly important to monitor cloud costs. Cloud cost monitoring allows businesses to track their cloud usage and expenses in real-time, identify underutilized resources, optimize their usage, and reduce costs.

Effective cloud cost monitoring involves setting budgets, tracking expenses against those budgets, and forecasting future costs based on usage patterns. It also enables businesses to allocate costs to different departments or projects accurately, ensuring that each department or project is accountable for its own cloud costs. By monitoring cloud costs, businesses can make informed decisions about their cloud usage and achieve their financial and business objectives.

Why is Cloud Cost Monitoring Important?

Cloud cost monitoring is critical for businesses to manage costs and optimize resources in cloud computing. It enables real-time visibility into expenses, helps set budgets and track expenses, forecasts future costs, and allows for accurate cost allocation.

Effective cloud cost monitoring enables businesses to make informed decisions about cloud usage and achieve financial and business objectives. It should be a top priority for any business that uses cloud services.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost monitoring offers several benefits for businesses, including cost optimization, budget control, resource allocation, forecasting, and chargeback. It allows businesses to track their cloud expenses, identify underutilized resources, and optimize their usage, resulting in reduced spending and better resource allocation.

Businesses can set budgets, track expenses against those budgets, and forecast future costs based on usage patterns, ensuring they can meet financial targets and plan for future expenses. Cloud cost monitoring also enables accurate cost allocation to different departments or projects, ensuring accountability for cloud costs.

Cloud cost monitoring is essential for businesses to optimize their cloud usage, control expenses, and achieve their financial and business objectives.

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