Integrations: Microsoft Azure®


Hyperglance combats complexity and increases efficiency by automatically creating a unified, interactive, topology visualization of your Azure IaaS resources across groups and accounts. You gain an intuitive understanding and live status of your Azure architecture within minutes thanks to Hyperglance’s integration with Azure APIs. Easily assess your current Azure resources’ state, relationships, alerts, and grouping – all within the same intuitive browser view. The topology visual interface is also highly interactive with: 360° navigation, rich data and metrics insight on-demand, and the ability to take direct context-aware actions to immediately troubleshoot or optimize on the spot.

Broaden your perspective by visualizing Azure with other integrated platforms, such as with containers, to gain an important cross-platform relationship perspective. You can also use the REST API to add more data into view. Plus, Hyperglance automatically builds tag-based custom views to instantly see any service or application’s infrastructure dependencies across all integrated platforms so you can quickly address service infrastructure issues.

Increase efficiencies with valuable cross-domain and cross-platform visibility, comprehensive data insight, and direct context-aware actions.


Go To Azure Marketplace

Hyperglance is available to use via Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a few product options: up to 100, 250, 500, or 1,000 nodes. Each includes all Hyperglance integrations and use of API.



  • Easy to understand and accurate Azure architecture to improve DevOps efficiency
  • Rapid problem identification and resolution with critical relationship insight via same intuitive browser interface
  • Optimized performance across resource groups and accounts
  • Reduced Azure costs by eliminating under-utilized resources in the right areas
  • Full-scale resource and relationship visibility within Azure and across all integrated platforms
  • Streamlined security compliance and audits – accurate topology always ready
  • Simplified monitoring and management of large multi-account, multi-cloud estates

Key Features

  • Interactive 360° Azure topology visualization across accounts and resource groups
  • Immediate resource status, grouping, and network segment insight
  • Aggregated alert visibility at node, group and platform levels
  • On-demand dashboard with detailed attributes, alert info, and metrics charts for any point in topology
  • Direct context-aware actions via dashboard menu and direct SSH, RDP, Telnet or VNC connection
  • The right views and actions for the right people with role-based access control (RBAC) security
  • Integrated cross-domain, cross-platform visibility for Azure, AWS, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Networking & Nagios.
  • Plus all the other exciting Hyperglance features

Visualize, monitor & interact with your Azure resources through a unified topology map

Integrated Azure Entities

  • Virtual Machines
    • Actions
      • Start
      • Restart
      • Power Off
      • Add Tag, Remove Tag
      • Deallocate
      • Delete Entity
      • Redeploy
    • Metrics
      • Percentage CPU
      • Network In
      • Network Out
      • Disk Read Bytes
      • Disk Write Bytes
      • Disk Read Operations/Second
      • Disk Write Operations/Second
  • Networking
    • Network Interfaces
    • Virtual Networks & Subnets
      • Actions: Add Tag, Remove Tag
    • Load Balancers
      • Load Balancing Rules
      • Inbound NAT Pool & Rules
      • Endpoints: frontend & backend
      • Action: Delete Entity
    • Network Security Groups
    • Route Tables
      • Actions
        • Add Tag, Remove Tag
        • Delete Entity
  • Database
    • Microsoft SQL Database (including its server)
      • Metrics
  • Resource Groups
    • Actions: Add Tag, Remove Tag
  • “Classic” Deployed items (limited mapping of classic items – represented as individual nodes)
    • Virtual Machines
    • Domain Names
    • Storage Accounts
    • Virtual Networks
    • Cloud Services
  • All generally available Global Regions are included except those that require special access such as: China, Germany, India, US Gov and US DoD