Hyperglance vs. Cloud Native Tools

What Advantages Does Hyperglance Have?

Multi-Cloud & Multi-Account

Seamlessly manage & optimize your entire architecture through a single pane of glass.

Integrated Inventory Visualizations

Experience real-time, interactive visualizations that provide deep insights into your cloud environments, streamlining ops and enabling faster decision-making.

Deep Query & Advanced Search

Leverage powerful no-code query capabilities to extract and analyze detailed data across your multi-cloud infrastructure, driving smarter strategies and more informed actions.

Billing Line Item Drilldown

Gain unparalleled transparency into your cloud expenses with detailed, line-by-line billing drill-downs... and no CSVs!

Flexible Billing Reports

Generate and schedule comprehensive, customizable billing reports that provide deep insights into your cloud spending.

Identify Cost Wastage

Automatically identify actionable recommendations to eliminate cloud resource wastage.

FinOps Automations

Utilize 200+ customizable rules & automations that optimize cloud spend, security & compliance across your multi-cloud architecture.

Quick Search

Rapidly locate any resource, irrespective of cloud, account or region across your environment saving you valuable time and effort.

Interactive Cost Explorer

Dig deeper into a breakdown of your aggregated costs across your entire inventory.

Business Tags

Use flexible business tags to up your resource tagging game so it aligns with your organizational processes and objectives.

Notification & Alert Options

Stay on top of your workflows thanks to seamless integrations with Slack, Teams, Jira and more.

Security & Compliance

Meet the highest standards of security and compliance with automated monitoring, flexible rules and actionable insights.

Cost Anomaly Detection

Superior flexibility so you can define the cost subset you're interested in tracking, and [Coming soon] send notifications to Slack, Teams and Jira.

Customizable Dashboards

[Coming soon] Create personalized dashboards tailored to your specific needs, providing a clear and organized view of your cloud environment's most critical metrics.

Proudly Best-in-Class

Hyperglance is rated 4.8/5 on G2

Rated 4.8/5 on G2

"We primarily use Hyperglance to ensure compliance with our cloud costs. It’s worked great for us and has probably paid for itself 100 times over. We faced significant challenges keeping our environment under control, and the related costs were not small. Hyperglance cut those down immediately.

The information it provides enables strategic decision-making for current and future cost optimization. Through using the tool, we’ve gained key insights like where the waste is and whether we have deficiencies in our build systems. We do builds many times a day, across multiple clouds, and by examining our Hyperglance dashboards and reports, we have been able to capture real savings."

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