Hyperglance for AWS GovCloud

Complete AWS GovCloud visibility with built-in rules engine

Automatically create an interactive, searchable diagram of your AWS GovCloud infrastructure in minutes. Live, real-time monitoring of security rules.  Identify underutilized resources. Set customizable rules and alerts. Runs stand-alone as an instance in your GovCloud VPC. 

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Automatically diagram AWS GovCloud

Automatically diagram AWS GovCloud architecture in detail, at any scale

Hyperglance on GovCloud gives you an automated, interactive, dynamic diagram of your GovCloud resources. Covering both (US-East) and (US-West) Regions Hyperglance gives you a comprehensive view on your AWS GovCloud assets.

Runs isolated

Not a SaaS solution, runs isolated as an instance inside your GovCloud VPC

Hyperglance is deployed as an AWS Amazon Linux 2 (AL2) Instance via the AWS GovCloud Marketplace. The instance runs inside your GovCloud VPC, you control this instance and the corresponding Security Group. No outside party can access it or any of your data.

Easy to update

Uses Modern Architecture

Hyperglance runs as docker containers inside an instance, to update it only takes 2 docker-compose commands

7 Day Free Trial

Export to Visio format

Export to Visio format whenever and as often as you like

It only takes 2 seconds (Literally) to export the diagram to Visio format, to be used in Microsoft Visio, Draw.io and other static diagramming tools

Pay by the hour


Hyperglance is charged by the hour. Stop the instance, stop paying!

Free Trial

7 day free trial

You can use Hyperglance for 7 days free (excluding AWS resources charges). After 7 days AWS will start charging out of the account it’s running in.

7 Day Free Trial

Available on the AWS Marketplace, Invoiced by AWS

Invoiced by AWS, no need to bring on a new supplier

Hyperglance is deployed out of the AWS Marketplace so all billing is done via your AWS account. No need to get procurement involved!


7 Day Free Trial
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