AWS GovCloud Diagrams, Inventory, Compliance & Cost Optimization


Generate interactive cloud diagrams


Monitor compliance & optimize cost


Includes 200+ customizable checks


Automate policy enforcement


Self-hosted deployment

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Automatically Diagram Your AWS GovCloud Architecture

Real-time & scalable interactive diagram of your AWS GovCloud infrastructure

Hyperglance on GovCloud gives you an automated, interactive, dynamic diagram of your GovCloud resources.

Covering both US-East and US-West Regions, Hyperglance gives you a comprehensive view of your AWS GovCloud assets.

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GovCloud Cost Management

Comprehensive cost analysis

Save money, estimate cost, and get a handle on your AWS bill.

Hyperglance pulls in your cloud bills and overlays that knowledge on our extensive inventory.

  • Actual costs, not estimates
  • Advanced search highlights actual application spend
  • See where cloud resources are not being used

We all know cloud is expensive. Trying to figure how where all the money went is extremely difficult. Hyperglance shows you where you can save money and make the most of what you have. 


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GovCloud Security & Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance and Security scanning

Hyperglance continuously scans for any issues with your security and compliance across all your accounts.

  • Inbuilt, customisable rules
  • Auto remediate issues
  • Easy to export data
  • All your data stays in your security boundary, all data lives in an instance in your VPC

One misconfiguration can open you up to major vulnerabilities. Let Hyperglance give you peace of mind.

Security and Compliance rules
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Secure, Self-Hosted Deployment

Unlike a traditional SaaS solution, Hyperglance is self-hosted, meaning you don't need to worry about security.

Hyperglance is deployed in your GovCloud VPC through the AWS GovCloud Marketplace.


  • All data is stored on the instance/VM; you control and own everything
  • Only connects to the AWS API - not to your resources
  • You never share credentials with a third party
  • No need to worry about Compliance
  • Easier internal sign-off
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    Automatic GovCloud Remediation

    Automatically fix GovCloud issues

    Send AWS SNS notifications based on thresholds.

    Kick-off AWS Lambdas and automatically secure or save money in your cloud. Every rule can be configured to send an email or SNS notification based on a threshold. 

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    The APN is a global community of approved partners that use AWS to build market-leading solutions.

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    Hyperglance's users include some of the world's largest companies, as well as numerous government departments & agencies.

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