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How Does it Work?

1) Get Activated

We'll meet with you for 20-30 minutes to deploy Hyperglance into your cloud and connect it to your AWS & Azure billing data. No payment required, no credit card, no obligation.

2) Number Crunch

We'll agree on how long we should leave Hyperglance running in your environment to let it gather enough data, and provide eye-opening insights based on your historical spend.

3) Review Savings

Once the data is crunched, we'll meet with you again for 1 hour to go through the cost savings together and leave you with a summary. Still no payment required, and still no obligation.

What is Hyperglance?

You'll be getting access to a best-in-class cloud optimization platform that's loved by FinOps, Cloud Architects and Engineers across the world.

Cut Your Bill By up to 35%

From RI recommendations to right-sizing and orphaned resources, Hyperglance comes armed with a best-in-class cost-optimization rules engine. We're proud that it saves our customers an average of 25%+ on their AWS & Azure bills.

Agentless & Secure

Hyperglance is self-hosted on your VM, mitigating the security concerns associated with a traditional SaaS solution.

Explore, Analyze & Share

Layer your AWS & Azure costs over a range of intuitive, interactive and exportable diagrams. Find problem resources using powerful filtering and grouping.

Review Trends & Detect Anomalies

Architects, FinOps, and Engineers get a deep analytical view of cloud usage, enabling rapid resource optimization, proactive cost management, and laser-accurate forecasting.

hyperglance cloud cost explorer
hyperglance cloud cost management dashboard

PS, cost optimization is just the start! You can also use Hyperglance to explore enlightening real-time inventory diagrams, identify and fix security issues, and automate tasks.

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Proudly Best-in-Class

Hyperglance is rated 4.8/5 on G2

Rated 4.8/5 on G2

"We primarily use Hyperglance to ensure compliance with our cloud costs. It’s worked great for us and has probably paid for itself 100 times over.

We faced significant challenges keeping our environment under control, and the related costs were not small. Hyperglance cut those down immediately.

The information it provides enables strategic decision making for current and future cost optimization. Through using the tool, we’ve gained key insights like where the waste is and whether we have deficiencies in our build systems. We do builds many times a day, across multiple clouds, and by examining our Hyperglance dashboards and reports, we have been able to capture real savings."

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