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Hyperglance Features Overview

Platform Integrations

  • AWS
    • Entities/services:  EC2, VPC, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • All Regions, including Bangalore & Ohio
    • CloudWatch alarms & metrics
    • Security data:  groups, network ACLs, route tables
    • Actions
      • Add & Remove Tag
      • Create Image
      • Start, Stop, Reboot, Terminate an Instance
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Entities/services:  Virtual Machines, Networking, SQL Database + “Classic” deployed resources
    • Alarms & Metrics
    • Actions vary by service
    • All generally available Global Regions are included except those that require special access such as: China, Germany, India, US Gov and US DoD
    • Supports add/delete node/link/endpoint/attribute/alarms data

Features Include

  • Automatic data discovery, aggregation & mapping of nodes, end-points, links, alerts and relationships/dependencies from within and across platforms
  • Interactive real-time topology visualization & dashboard views
  • Integrated multi-platform, cross-domain topology view on same screen
  • On-demand dashboards to analyze any point in topology with immediate display of: attributes, metrics, alerts, relationships, actions, security groups, policies, +more.
  • Browser client to easily scale users, runs on modern browser including mobile (iOS, Android) & Linux clients
  • Direct context-aware actions & connections from intuitive Hyperglance browser interface
    • Ability to SSH, RDP, Telnet, or VNC to end devices directly from Hyperglance
    • Hyperglance menu driven resource & alert actions such as suspend or terminate a VM
  • External links to resources’ relevant platforms’ management console automatically added to resource dashboard for quick access
  • Amazing graphics with real-time status indicators
    • Vibrant graphics to easily see where alerts are
    • Clear IT type iconography (VM, container, network, router, etc.)  including “state” indicator
    • Bright highlight of selected topology item to easily know which one is being analyzed or acted on
    • Link visualization indicates type (group connection, direct connection, or node equivalency)
    • Full screen layout distribution maximizing space utilization
    • Easily traverse, rotate, zoom, and click through for more insight or focus
  • Service/Application resources isolated views: The ability to use ‘tags’ to only show associated resources (vm, host, subnet, network etc) for a service or app (see demo of new service/app view)
  • Expand & contract topology groups for clear focused view when & where needed
  • Aggregated alert visibility at platform, group, and resource levels on topology & in dashboard list views
  • Nodes, links, and end-points all have color coded alerts mapped on topology and in dashboard views
  • Nodes/resources summary view by group
  • Both group & node relationships mapped across all platforms & easily seen
  • Isolated topology view & dashboard list of a node’s immediate relationships within and across platforms
  • Instantly “go to” a selected node from dashboard list to see its location in topology
  • Cross-platform link types automatically detected, mapped & displayed* with unique link line in topology and descriptive label in dashboard (e.g. hosting, communicating)
  • Multi-part attribute details/grids (Route tables; Security Group lists; Flows; Access list; Group policy) expand to full screen view* on demand for clearer viewing
  • Global search across all integrated platforms with unified results summary
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) security
    • Keys off the Alias entered for account credentials
    • Specific platform or account views based on role
    • Actions can be on or off for each user irrespective of any access control set
    • Supports local files and LDAP
  • Hyperglance tutorial automatically appears for new users and includes help box guidance for key functions. Tutorial can be easily enabled/disabled.
  • Easy Access Administration Page: Quickly toggle to and from admin page from topology view. More easily set up and manage integrations, such as: API credentials plus what accounts and regions to include.



Virtual Machine Support

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Virtual Box
Docker Image
AMI through AWS Marketplace
VM through Azure Marketplace

*No client software – runs in the browser.