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Aggregated Cloud Search | Real-Time Diagrams

Advanced global cloud search

Easily find security holes and misconfiguration

Automated, Real-time, interactive topology visualization

Runs in your VPC or Azure Virtual Network

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Single Pane of Glass for AWS & Azure

Hyperglance enables you to easily find security holes and misconfiguration over your entire multi-account AWS and Azure infrastructure, then see the affected resources and their dependencies on an automatically created, real-time, dynamic diagram. Hyperglance provides an aggregated, real-time, constantly updated, single pane of glass for all your cloud infrastructure.

Automated data aggregation

  • Automatic data discovery & aggregation
    • Constantly connects to APIs and brings your infrastucture data together
  • Support for leading platforms
    • Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)
    •  Microsoft Azure®
  • Multi-Cloud, Multi-Account, Multi-Region
  • Unlimited Accounts
    • Add as any many AWS and Azure accounts into Hyperglance as you want. Stop limiting your security and visibility
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Advanced global search

  • Search across AWS & Azure, accounts, regions, VPCs and Virtual Networks
  • Search inside Security Groups, Route Tables, Network Access Lists
  • Export results
  • Zoom straight to results in live Diagram

Automated, real-time, interactive topology visualization

  • Interactive end-to-end topology map with rich data to assess on-demand
  • Supports S3, EC2, subnets, VPC, Azure resource groups, load balancers
  • Full-screen topology layout with clear graphics:
    • Colorful easy to read iconography
    • Clearly labeled grouping structures
    • Alerts clearly displayed at node, group & platform levels
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Public S3 bucket highlighting

  • Highlights public S3 buckets for all accounts
  • Easily filter using tags or other attributes
  • Export results for later use

Tag based filters

  • Automatically creates filters based on Tags
  • Shows all tagged items and their dependancies
  • Combine with advanced search to highlight security & misconfiguration in one area
  • Focus on any service/app tag & its cross-platform dependencies
  • Easily see relevant resource alerts & analyze metrics
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Ideal as a Bastion host

  • SSH & RDP to your instances inside the browser
  • All sessions logged to disk for compliance & audit
  • Share and Rotate keys
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Highly Secure

  • Runs in your AWS VPC or Azure Virtual Network
  • Never calls home
  • More secure, no shared database, no shared credentials
  • Don’t need to worry about compliance for external party access
  • Runs in Marketplace so don’t need to worry about procurement
  • Supports SAML authentication
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Quick and Simple to deploy

  • Runs in AWS or Azure Marketplace
  • Less than 10 minutes to get up and running
  • Just add your AWS or Azure account credentials or Role ARN
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What can Hyperglance help you achieve?

  • Thorough understanding of how infrastructure is architected, distributed and segmented
  • Rapid problem diagnoses and context-aware troubleshooting across complex infrastructure resources
  • Greater IT team collaboration with a consistent topology view across domains, groups, and platforms
  • Streamlined security compliance requiring network topology diagram