Automated data aggregation & topology creation

  • Automatic data discovery & aggregation, relationship mapping & topology creation
    • Integration includes nodes, interfaces, end-points, links, alerts & resource actions
    • Relationship mapping within and across source platforms
  • Pre-integrated support for leading platforms:
    • Cloud: Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)
    •  Microsoft Azure®
    • Comprehensive REST API to add more data into view
  • Global search across all platforms
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Automated, Real-time topology visualisation

  • Interactive end-to-end topology map with rich data to assess on-demand
  • Full-screen topology layout with clear graphics:
    • Colorful easy to read iconography
    • Clearly labeled grouping structures
    • “State” indicators
    • Alerts clearly displayed at node, group & platform levels
    • Relationship link type indicators (platform/group connection, node-to-node dependency & node equivalency)

Relevant & focused clutter free views

  • Role-based, secure views of authorized resources
  • Expand/contract topology groups for optimum viewing & scale
  • Isolated view of any selected node’s immediate connections
  • Custom service/application dependency views via tagging

Tag based dependency views

  • Create custom service/application topology views via resource tagging & display on-demand
  • Focus on any service/app tag & its cross-platform dependencies
  • Easily see relevant resource alerts & analyze metrics
  • Rapidly find & troubleshoot underlying service issues
Tag based dependency views

Rich data & metrics insight

  • On-demand dashboards with lists, tables & charts to aid analysis
  • Analyze attributes, metrics, alerts, links & end-point data
  • Dashboard insight at platform, group & node levels
  • Multi-part attribute details expanded in grid views: route tables; security groups; access lists; etc.

Context-aware actions

  • Ability to SSH, RDP, Telnet or VNC to end devices directly from Hyperglance
  • Hyperglance dashboard menu driven resource & alert actions
  • External links to source platform’s management console automatically added to resource dashboard
  • Easily see what other resources an action or alert might affect

Easy to configure, use, and extend

  • Server based physics & WebGL browser client scales easy across multiple client devices
  • Installed on own systems, sensitive network data stays where it belongs
  • Topology & data views appear within minutes for pre-integrated platforms
  • REST API allows extension with custom data

Affordable, simple pricing

  • All platform integrations & REST API use included
  • Simple node based tiered annual licensing, support included
  • Contact us for a quote or more info
  • Also available by the hour through AWS Marketplace or
    Azure Marketplace
  • Try for free via download or via Azure or AWS Marketplace
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What can Hyperglance help you achieve?

  • Thorough understanding of how infrastructure is architected, distributed and segmented
  • Rapid problem diagnoses and context-aware troubleshooting across complex infrastructure resources
  • Greater IT team collaboration with a consistent topology view across domains, groups, and platforms
  • Streamlined security compliance requiring network topology diagram

Next Steps to achieving the benefits above

        1. Try Hyperglance for free. Trial available via download, AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace with up to 1,000 nodes (no client software required, Hyperglance runs in a browser).
        2. Utilize Hyperglance with any or all integrations you’d like to visualize/map, monitor & manage.
        3. Enjoy your new interactive topology view and seek help if needed via or visit our online support site.