How Hyperglance Can Help Your Business


No-one likes documentation, Hyperglance does it for you. Easily create your cloud infrastructure diagram and get inventory in minutes, not hours. It doesn’t matter how often things change, Hyperglance is always current.


Finding resources when you’ve got infrastructure across multiple regions, VPCs/vNets and accounts is difficult. Hyperglance gives you a searchable, aggregated, live inventory across all your compute resources, wherever they are. Quickly locate a resource and gain information on status, location, performance and connectivity. Easily find under or over capacity resources. Filter by any attribute to get a CSV exportable inventory.

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Microsoft Visio Export
Microsoft Visio Export

Visio Export

Drawing diagrams of your ever changing cloud infrastructure is tedious and takes a lot of time. Hyperglance allows you to export all or part of the diagram into Microsoft Visio format instantly. Use the diagram in Visio or import it into other applications. You can export as many times and as often as you want. It’s super easy to do and saves you time and money.

Easy Signoff

Since Hyperglance is provisioned from the AWS or Azure Marketplace it is invoiced directly from your existing account or subscription. There is no need to enter any other information, add a credit card or ask your procurement department for a new supplier to be added. The Hyperglance charges will just be a line item in your AWS or Azure invoice.


Pay per hour, start and stop anytime. You’re in complete control. No monthly charges. Starting at only $0.40 per hour. Unlimited accounts and/or subscriptions. No more paying for services you don’t use, Hyperglance only charges when it’s running. It only takes a few minutes to re-populate the inventory so cold start time is minimal.


Hyperglance runs as a stand-alone application inside a hardened virtual machine inside your VPC or vNet. You don’t share any credentials with any outside party, there is no shared database. Hyperglance never calls home, all communication is completely under your control. Getting sign off from your security department is easy. No GDPR issues to worry about.

Why choose Hyperglance?

Easily create your cloud infrastructure diagram in minutes

Get a list of, and search, all your  compute resources, across all of your accounts, in seconds

Have confidence in your security posture and resiliency

Manage costs, get value for  money and complete peace of mind

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