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Enjoy unified visibility & control within minutes

Within minutes you can enjoy a cohesive, multi-account, multi-cloud topology view you can easily navigate and interrogate from a single browser tab.

  • Hyperglance automatically discovers, aggregates, and maps integrated platforms’ data, alerts, & relationships from within and across all integrated platforms into a unified topology view that includes on-demand dashboard details with: attributes, metrics, alerts, and context-aware controls
  • Hyperglance dynamically scales by automatically changing the topology and data views as more resources are added, removed or altered via Hyperglance or the source platform

Amazon Web ServicesHyperglance dynamically connects to your Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) controlled IT service instances and automatically creates an interactive topology view with context-aware controls of your entire AWS IT estate across Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), regions, and availability zones. Easily identify problems, see where you are spending the most time, and spot any potential misconfiguration of VPC connectivity.

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Azure logoHyperglance dynamically connects to your Microsoft Azure® services and automatically creates an interactive topology view of resources across all groups, regions, and accounts. Easily monitor your Azure resources with aggregated alert visibility at all levels, seeing what critical relationships could be affected, and take immediate actions to resolve. Easily assess and better allocate your Azure infrastructure inventory to control costs.

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