Introducing Auto-Sync

We’re excited to introduce more new features to further enhance your Cloud Management experience, simplifying synchronization with all your AWS Accounts from your AWS Organization and all Azure Subscriptions from your Azure Tenant and Management Groups.

AWS Accounts

AWS Accounts in Hyperglance

Azure Subscriptions

Azure Subscriptions in Hyperglance

AWS Organizations and Azure Management Groups

Before delving into the new features, let's quickly understand the significance of AWS Organizations and Azure Management Groups.

Setting up these structures brings enormous benefits to organizations. They allow for centralized management of multiple accounts or subscriptions, thus facilitating governance, cost tracking, and security across your business units.

For AWS, organizations can streamline their workflows, create automated AWS account or role creation, and enforce consistency of security policies.

Similarly, Azure's Management Groups provide a hierarchy for managing your subscriptions, resource groups, and resources, ensuring alignment with your business structure and strategic goals.

Enhancing Cloud Management with Hyperglance

Given these benefits, our team has been focused on enhancing Hyperglance to work seamlessly with AWS Organizations and Azure Management Groups.

The result is a set of features that automate the onboarding of new accounts or subscriptions when they are added to your AWS Organization or Azure Management Group and also facilitate their automatic removal when they're no longer part of your structure.

Hyperglance now also offers you the flexibility to enable or disable accounts or subscriptions individually.

This combination of automation and control further ensures a seamless, intuitive management experience.

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The Impact on Business and Technical Teams

These updates provide significant benefits to both businesses and technical teams.

Auto-Sync makes managing intricate cloud ecosystems simpler and offers an efficient way to stay in sync as your organizational structure evolves. It eliminates the complexities of managing a growing list of accounts/subscriptions, freeing you to focus on strategic tasks.

With these new features, Hyperglance provides an even more unified, automated view of your cloud landscape. It enhances visibility, drives operational efficiencies, and ultimately helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Auto-Sync Release Details

What's new?

The ability to sync all your AWS Accounts from your AWS Organization:

    • Automatically add new accounts into Hyperglance when they are added to your AWS Organization
    • Automatically remove old accounts when they are removed from your AWS Organization
    • Manually enable or disable accounts

The ability to sync all your Azure Subscriptions from your Azure Management Groups or Tenant:

    • Automatically add new subscriptions into Hyperglance when they are added to a Management Group or Tenant
    • Automatically remove old subscriptions when they are removed from a Management Group or Tenant.
    • Manually enable or disable subscriptions

When is auto-sync released?

Auto-sync is available in Hyperglance v 7.3.8, which is available as an update now.

Who will get access to auto-sync?

All Hyperglance customers that use AWS Organizations or Azure Management Groups, with multiple accounts/subscriptions.

How much does auto-sync cost?

There's no extra cost. Auto sync is included in your standard Hyperglance package.

How can I provide feedback?

Please log a support ticket, or email Stephen Lucas, Chief Product Officer ([email protected]).

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