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Generate Powerful Azure Diagrams

We get it. Your cloud architecture isn't getting any simpler. Stop wasting precious time searching through and documenting your cloud - find out why Hyperglance is the happy place for so many Azure professionals.

AWS, Azure & Kubernetes

A powerful single view designed to help you explore your entire multi-cloud inventory

Automatically Generated & Real-Time

Our diagrams keep up with you, no matter the size of your cloud or your pace of growth

Enlightening Visualizations

Overlay and search metadata, including costs, and explore resource dependencies and links

Export to CSV, PNG, VSDX

Export diagrams as often as you like, and automate them using our RESTful API

Not Just Diagrams

Diagrams are just the start. Use Hyperglance to reduce your cloud costs, identify and fix security issues, and automate tasks.

Agentless & Secure

Hyperglance is self-hosted on your VM, mitigating the security concerns associated with a traditional SaaS solution.

hyperglance cloud architecture diagram
hyperglance cloud architecture diagram

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"Hyperglance has really helped us with our compliance - specifically with a recent PCI DSS audit. We've saved heaps of time using the built-in monitoring, and have created several custom checks to ensure we comply with internal policies. The minute something goes wrong, the team know about it. Having previously relied on notifications, we've recently taken advantage of the new automations, which have proved to be really useful. Not only is it easier for us, but it's mitigated several key business risks at the same time."

Ashwin R, DevOps Architect, Fortune 100 Entertainment Company

"Hyperglance enabled us to easily characterize an ever-changing architecture and clearly communicate its security posture to leadership and third-party assessors. The capability to search for resources across accounts, view workload costs, and visualize networks, has saved us countless engineering hours. I can't imagine trudging through the console to find all the routes, VPC connections, security group rules, ACLs, and internet gateways supporting an application now that I've used it. Furthermore, the cost data and filtering features directly enabled a 4 member team to reduce our organization's cloud spend by 30%."

Cloud Infrastructure PM, US Air Force

"We came to Hyperglance with quite a specific problem. Amazingly, that problem was solved within 30 minutes of starting our free trial - the cloud diagram spun up and allowed us to really explore our full architecture. Having gone multi-cloud fairly recently, this single view was something we'd been really struggling to find. But, the icing on the cake was finding out what we didn't know. Two weeks in, and we'd managed to reduce our AWS & Azure bills by over $35,000! The rules engine Hyperglance ships with saved us so much time that we managed to free up two members of our team to work on change projects instead of BAU - this pleased more than just our department!"

James W, Cloud Architect, Series-C Funded Startup

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