How It Works

Hyperglance provides unified visualization and cohesive control of IT resource “nodes” and all interdependencies with other nodes. Hyperglance dynamically aggregates all applicable data from pre-integrated platforms via the platforms’ APIs or from custom data sources by making use of the Hyperglance API. Once a platform is integrated, the Hyperglance advanced physics engine dynamically generates and maintains a unified, data-rich, interactive, and multi-dimensional topology that virtually represents all nodes and relationships, including cross platform relationships. A “node” for Hyperglance is any physical, logical, or virtual device, with all of its associated data, that is defined as a single entity by its primary control platform, such as for Cloud or SDN.

Hyperglance integrates the data as well as control and other functions afforded by the source platform. This enables you to appropriately analyze your entire IT estate end-to-end with real-time data and to respond by taking immediate resource actions without leaving the Hyperglance GUI. Hyperglance also dynamically scales with all integrated platforms assuring you have a true real status of your IT. If more resources are added to or removed directly from the primary control platform, Hyperglance immediately adjusts. Hyperglance also dynamically reflects resource adjustments made via either Hyperglance or the source platform. Hyperglance removes the complexity of day-to-day monitoring and management of multiple platforms, or multiple instances, by providing a cohesive understanding and control of your entire IT estate and embedded relationships.

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Hyperglance v3.5 Features Overview

  • Advanced physics engine dynamically aggregates and scales with source platforms for cohesive real-time views and control
  • Multi-dimensional, end-to-end, interactive topology visualization
  • 360⁰ navigation with intuitive status indicators, data displays, and mouse controlled movement
    • Select, rotate, & zoom to focus on and analyze resources
    • Color coded resource status indicators
    • Pre-set and easy to create filters
    • Flexible data displays both on and to the side of topology
  • Synchronous commands, or actions, implemented to all selected resources on demand via topology interface
  • Pre-integrated industry leading source platforms loaded in minutes
  • Open RESTful API to add new or augment existing integrations data for analysis in Hyperglance
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to add more users with appropriate security
    • Access restriction per account
    • View only mode
    • LDAP and static file support
    • Administrative access and control