Global Azure Search & Real-Time Diagram

find security holes and misconfiguration in your Azure infrastructure, see the affected resources and their dependencies on a real-time map

Hyperglance for Azure


Easily find security holes and misconfiguration over your entire multi-account Azure infrastructure. Hyperglance aggregates all your Azure account data and allows you to search across Accounts, Resource groups and Virtual Networks. Stop trying to remember where things are, just search.

Automatic diagram creation

See identified resources and their dependencies on an automatic, real-time, dynamic map. Hyperglance creates an automatic, real-time, interactive diagram that is highly navigable, easy to understand and scalable. Stop dragging and dropping, Hyperglance does the hard work for you.



Don’t worry about giving external access to your data. Hyperglance runs as an Instance in ‘Your’ Virtual Network. No sharing of Credentials, no shared databases, no compliance for 3rd parties. Your data and credentials stay where they should, with you.

Azure Aggregation

Automated data aggregation

Bring together your Azure accounts.

Azure gives you powerful tools but doesn’t exactly make it easy to keep track of what is where and how many things are on the go. You need a single place that brings all that data together and allows you easy access to search and explore. Hyperglance connects to Azure API’s to pull together all your Azure infrastructure; across accounts, Regions, Virtual Networks and subnets. The data is constantly updated so you always have the latest available.

Azure Advanced Search

Advanced global search

Once you have an aggregated dataset you need a way to find what you need. Hyperglance has an advanced search function that allows you to search the aggregated dataset and find security holes, misconfigurations and anything else you are looking for. Hyperglance allows you to search within Security Groups, Route Tables and Network Access-lists. Combining these searches with the ability to filter via Tags or any other attributes Azure provides allows you to hone down on specific Azure security issues and configuration errors quickly and easily.

Azure Advanced Search

Real-time, automatically generated diagrams

Azure is a powerful platform but it’s also complex. Trying to figure out how an  Azure service is configured or how one Azure service relates to another is increasingly difficult, especially if the configuration is constantly changing. Hyperglance utilises the aggregated data it brings in to create a complete dependency model and creates a real-time, interactive diagram. It then overlays a wealth of data including; attributes, Security Group data, Load Balancer data, Route tables, Azure alarms and metrics. The end result means you have access to a searchable, automated, Azure topology diagram with extensive capabilities.

Tag based filters

You Tag all your Azure resources for a reason, to make things easier. Hyperglance uses your tags to create isolated ‘views’ you can search in or view. These views work across Accounts, Resource groups, Virtual Networks and Subnets so no matter where your resources are, we show them in a single pane.

Azure Bastion Host

Ideal as a Bastion host

Hyperglance allows you and your staff to SSH & RDP to your instances, inside the browser. All sessions details are logged for compliance & audit. Hyperglance is ideal to use as a Bastion Host to give your staff easy access to the the resources they are allowed to access. SSH keys can be located on the Hyperglance Instance so they can be shared and rotated when needed.


Highly Secure

Hyperglance runs as an Instance in your Azure Virtual Network and never calls home so your Azure data is secure. No shared database, no shared credentials, you don’t need to worry about compliance for external party access. Hyperglance can run in the Azure Marketplace so don’t need to worry about procurement procedures. We also include SAML authentication!


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