Integrations: API

The Hyperglance REST API Advantage

Hyperglance provides a REST API for you to integrate additional resource and application data into the Hyperglance platform. Enhance your Hyperglance IT estate visualization with the data you need to cohesively monitor, analyze, and manage IT resources via the multidimensional topology based graphical user interface.

Realize your IT management vision

The Hyperglance API is a RESTful JSON web service API to support integrations with 3rd party applications in order to expose external data and processes in the Hyperglance platform. Leverage the Hyperglance API to create a consistent management platform.

  • Augment the current Integrations with additional management data
  • Add new IT resource or application data into the Hyperglance view to better understand all relationships.
  • Improve your IT management workflow with an intuitive full-scale 360⁰ visualization that is easy to navigate with all your desired resources, applications, relationships, and management data.
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Get a jump start with API examples

There are numerous API examples created in Python ready for you to download.

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