SNMP Network Discovery and Mapping


Hyperglance now has built-in capabilities to dynamically discover, map and display your physical network devices with SNMP. 

Hyperglance has an embedded SNMP data discovery tool and utilizes Hyperglance’s advanced data aggregation, physics, and graphics capabilities to dynamically display the SNMP data in Hyperglance’s intuitive and interactive topology driven console.  

You can now take advantage of monitoring your SNMP devices in an interactive topology visualization.  Easily see and analyze how your physical networking devices relate to each other, other platforms, their current status, and if they have any alerts.  Hyperglance empowers you with greater, more immediate insight and context awareness for your networking resources.

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  • Greater insight and context awareness of network resource relationships
  • Immediate view of where alerts are occurring and what resources they are affecting
  • More rapid problem identification for faster resolution
  • Easier to optimize network distribution

Key Features

  • Scalable multi-dimensional SNMP network topology visualization
    • IP range scanning
    • SNMP v1, v2, v3 support
    • CDP/LLDP topology discovery
  • 360° navigation of SNMP network estate, including relationships with other IT platforms
  • Dynamic display of SNMP alerts and current state as part of topology view
  • Detailed data dashboards on demand
  • Plus all the other Hyperglance features