Integrations: SDN Testing


Innovations like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) offer unprecedented flexibility and greater responsiveness. However for effective SDN deployment, Service Providers, Data Center Operators, and Network Admins are faced with several challenges, including testing of cloud-level traffic via OpenFlow switches without compromising network visibility and control.

Spirent and Hyperglance have partnered to offer Spirent 3D Topology Suite which is the industry’s first solution to easily visualize, monitor and tune how the network infrastructure performs at full scale and in real-time, prior to deployment.

Sold by Spirent, 3D Topology Suite capitalizes on industry-leading Spirent TestCenter to provide the necessary real-world SDN testing environment. The combination of Spirent 3D Topology Suite and TestCenter enables service providers and enterprises alike to interactively visualize, rigorously test, thoroughly measure, and proactively troubleshoot next generation networks end-to-end. New networks and services can be deployed with optimum confidence and performance.

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  • Proactive Quality of Service assurance via rigorous, real-world testing, monitoring, and optimizing performance prior to major new network investments and deployment
  • Greater success and reduced risk for deploying new networking environments such as SDN
  • Immediate insight and identification of problem areas or traffic congestion
  • Increased productivity with real-time troubleshooting directly from dynamic topology view

Key Features

  • 3D, Interactive visualization of end-to-end SDN topology under test
  • 360° navigation with context-aware network controls
  • Statistical view of switch, flow, and Interfaces
  • Add / modify flows to one or many switches across topologies
  • Flow-based troubleshooting in real-time
  • Views and filters for rapid anomaly detection
  • Colorful graphics and alerts instantly identify areas of congestion
  • Context aware, secure network actions directly from topology view


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