Integrations: OpenStack


Hyperglance enables you to automatically map and display OpenStack resources across cloud domains and projects, groups, tenants, and even service providers.  Diagnose infrastructure issues at a glance through cohesive monitoring insight with Nagios data also overlayed to see where alerts are occurring in relation to other resources.  Dive into OpenStack resource data details, analyze metrics, and take context-aware actions with resources to immediately troubleshoot or optimize directly from the interactive topology view.

Single tenant or multi-tenant views as needed

An interactive, cohesive, and relevant 3D topology view can be provided securely to each cloud tenant as well as a collective topology view for cloud management.   Hyperglance tenants and cloud managers can now easily explore, monitor, and control relevant OpenStack resources with the ability to:

  • traverse through the topology
  • zoom and rotate 360-degrees for best view
  • see where alerts are
  • drill down into attribute, alert, and metrics details
  • globally search for key attributes
  • take immediate actions such as start, stop, or terminate
  • make more confident decisions knowing what related resources alerts and actions might affect

It is now easier than ever for cloud tenants and cloud managers alike to intuitively visualize, actively monitor, and simplify management of relevant OpenStack resources.



 Watch a quick demo of Hyperglance


  • Single tenant, multi-tenant, and hybrid cloud resource and relationship visualization, navigation, monitoring, and control
  • Resource utilization optimization and cost savings
  • Rapid problem resolution and prevention
  • Higher Quality of Service delivery
  • More confidence and reduced risk with new OpenStack deployments

Key Features

Gain immediate full scale visualization and control for both open source and vendor based OpenStack distributions:

  • Public or Managed Cloud (off-premises) implementations
  • Private Cloud (on-premises) implementations
  • OpenStack Ceilometer integration to create preferred views and filters with the right metrics
    • Pre-integrated sub-set of relevant Ceilometer metrics
    • Option to incorporate additional metrics into Hyperglance views
    • Learn more about integration with OpenStack Ceilometer
  • Consistent, dynamic visibility platform for all OpenStack resources, as well as other platforms such as VMware and networking.
  • Plus all the other Hyperglance features


Enjoy a Unified OpenStack Topology View with Secure Actions

Integrated OpenStack Entities

  • Projects
    • Compute  (Nova)
    • Network (Neutron)
    • Identity (Keystone)
  • Topology Groups
    • Deployment
    • Account
    • Region
  • Nodes
    • Instance
    • Network
    • Subnet
    • Router
  • Ceilometer metrics
    • CPU
    • User defined
  • Actions
    • Add Meta-Tag
    • Associate Floating IP
    • Confirm Resize
    • Create Snapshot
    • Disassociate Floating IP
    • Edit
    • Pause
    • Reboot (Hard)
    • Reboot (Soft)
    • Rebuild
    • Remove Meta-Tag
    • Resize
    • Resume
    • Shut Off Instance
    • Start Instance
    • Suspend
    • Terminate
    • Unpause