Integrations: Nagios


Nagios is an open source monitoring tool with powerful alert notification services. Hyperglance polls information from Nagios via the Nagios API to dynamically map the monitoring data and alerts to the relevant hosts or services in the Hyperglance topology. Hyperglance also uses the same Nagios API to issue certain actions to/through Nagios, such as scheduling downtime or enabling notifications.

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  • Alert notifications are mapped showing how the troubled resource also affects its virtual and physical relationships
  • More efficient problem resolution via a consistent user interface
  • More effective problem resolution and prevention with total greater IT relationship insight
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Key Features

  • Alarms and service status mapped onto Hyperglance topology
  • Both Nagios and other resource actions easily executed via Hyperglance
  • Check_MK Livestatus support
    • Automatic topology creation with Nagios data (servers, switches, & routers)
    • Tiered topology support
    • Automatic service and alert mapping
  • Autopopulation of Nagios config files from Hyperglance
  • Nagios specific actions include:
    • Scheduling and cancelling planned downtime
    • Enabling and disabling notifications
    • Acknowledging problems and removing acknowledgement