Integrations: Containers


Automatically discover, aggregate, and map your container services as they relate to the virtual and physical cross-platform infrastructure they work with, such as VMware vSphere, AWS, OpenStack, and the physical network.  Instantly see your container service’s full infrastructure stack that includes multiple platforms though an interactive 3D topology visibility layer.   Easily understand, monitor, and manage your complex container or microservice relationships across multiple infrastructure platforms.  Tap into the other included Hyperglance integrations and/or add your own through the comprehensive REST API for a complete cross-platform visual perspective.

Diagnose infrastructure issues at a glance with critical relationship insight.    Instantly see where alerts are occurring and what services could be affected.  Analyze attribute, alerts, metrics, and link insight through on-demand dashboard views.

Critical Container Context

Gain an interactive and cohesive 3D topology view within minutes of Kubernetes and/or Docker container service IT resource relationships from within their respective platform as well as across other platforms.  Enjoy such features as:

  • Automatic data discovery, aggregation, mapping
  • Relevant & focused clutter free topology views
  • Custom tag/service based dependency views
  • Rich data, alert, & metrics analysis with relationship context
  • Direct context-aware actions
  • Easy to configure, use & extend
  • Plus all the other Hyperglance features

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  • Increase IT efficiency & collaboration through a cohesive visibility layer
  • Optimize service architectures with a full infrastructure stack view
  • Diagnose issues at a glance & prevent IT sprawl
  • Instantly troubleshoot with critical relationship insight
  • Streamline security audits requiring a network topology

Key Features

Gain a full scale interactive 3D topology visualization to intuitively map, navigate, analyze, and manage your container components within minutes.

  • Docker
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    • Docker networking
    • Docker host connections
    • Docker Swarm support
  • Kubernetes
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    • Networking
    • Metrics via Influx DB