Simplified IT Monitoring & Management with Cohesive Context

Hyperglance makes it easy for you to monitor and manage physical and virtual IT resources via a unified, consistent, simplified, and interactive topology centric graphical user interface. Resources currently managed across disparate platforms such as public cloud, private cloud, containers, and more can now be dynamically mapped, navigated, monitored, and securely managed via a single screen.

Hyperglance offers numerous pre-integrated platforms to get you started quickly.  Monitoring data, such as alerts and metrics that are part of an integrated resource platform are automatically layered into view.  Additional monitoring alerts and metrics from a dedicated monitoring or management system, such as Nagios, can also be dynamically layered into view. Hyperglance offers a unified monitoring visualization that enables you to quickly see what resources need attention, where they are, and what other related resources could be affected.

If you need to see and monitor with more data than what the pre-integrated platforms offer, you can also customize Hyperglance by utilizing the REST API to add additional or augment existing data seen through Hyperglance.

Once an integration with Hyperglance is established, the topology and data attributes dynamically refresh for a real-time monitoring view of your IT estate end-to-end.

Hyperglance also facilitates two-way interaction so you can immediately troubleshoot or optimize the resources you see that need attention.  For example, tag resources, start or stop VMs, address alerts through menu driven options.  Or connect directly through SSH, RDP, and more.   More context aware actions can be taken directly from the Hyperglance interface.

More rapidly optimize and troubleshoot resources with a unified view, greater contextual awareness, and immediate controls.


More context aware management confidence

  • Rapidly pin-point problem areas
  • More easily optimize utilization and performance
  • Prevent escalating issues with context awareness
  • Take more effective actions from full-scale view



Take a tour

Key data in view as desired


  • Intuitive, colorful resource type and status indicators
  • Alerts and metrics data layered for rapid identification
  • Flexible data displays on and off topology as desired
  • Pre-set and custom filters for quick access to focus areas


Securely take action when & where needed

  • Secure, context aware resource controls from topology GUI
  • Know how actions will affect related resources
  • Make instant changes to one, or synchronous changes to many, selected resources
  • Optimize utilization and data paths in real time