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What’s New in Hyperglance 5.0?

Hyperglance now gives you the best of both worlds. Dynamic topology visualisation with comprehensive dashboards for both groups and individual nodes.

Using the power of InfluxDB and Grafana we now provide beautiful, intuitive dashboards to complement Hyperglance’s ground breaking topology UI.


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Beautiful dashboards

  • Contextual dashboards for each node & interface
  • System overview dashboard
  • Individual group dashboards

Awesome topology visualisation

  • Automatic layout of nodes, interfaces, links & groups
  • 3D interactive view when needed for scale
  • Colorful easy to read iconography
  • Relationship indicators for different types of link

Smart aggregation

  • Reduce clutter and gain a clear understanding of clusters
  • Automatic grouping of nodes connected to a single or dual nodes
  • Flexible rule-based grouping based on subnets, locations or pre-existing naming conventions

Monitoring & metric insight

  • Automatically monitor performance of SNMP devices
  • AWS CloudWatch metrics support
  • On-demand dashboards with lists, tables & charts to aid analysis
  • Over 100 input plugins available via Telegraf

Stay informed with advanced alerting

  • Thresholding & alarming on rich metric data
  • Email alerts on threshold breach
  • Take action ahead-of-time with preditive analytics
  • Centrally aggregate all alerts pulled from integrations and 3rd party tools


Microservice and Application views

  • Dynamic topology views per service or application using resource tagging
  • Focus on any service or application and its cross-platform dependencies
  • Easily see relevant resource alerts & analyze metrics
  • Rapidly find root-cause and troubleshoot underlying service issues

Global search covering your entire estate

  • Globally search across all domains, accounts & datasources
  • Fully searchable attributes – if it’s there we’ll find it!
  • Search the entire model including all devices, groups, alarms and interfaces

Extensible and open

  • Built to scale: Our server-side topology mapping & 3D WebGL browser UI means Hyperglance easily scales across multiple devices
  • Our pre-integrated platforms deliver live real-time topology & data views within minutes
  • Our public REST API allows users to build integrations and push custom data
  • The Hyperglance server runs on-premise so sensitive data stays local to you, where it belongs!


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What am I committing to?

  • 30 minute weekly call
  • Bug reports via our support portal

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