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Comprehensive cost analysis

Save money, estimate cost, get a handle on what you're spending

Hyperglance pulls in your cloud bills and overlays that knowledge on our extensive inventory.

  • Actual costs, not estimates
  • Advanced search highlights actual application spend
  • See where cloud resources are not being used
  • All your data stays in your security boundary, all data lives in an instance in your VPC


We all know cloud is expensive. Trying to figure how where all the money went is extremely difficult. Hyperglance shows you where you can save money and make the most of what you have.

See how much your Applications really cost

See costs in the diagram. Aggregated cost across tags, resource names, VPCs. 


  • Last 30 days costs show for each resource and group (VPC, Subnet, Region, Account)
  • Easily create a filter for specific applications to show application cost
  • Aggregated costs per Subnet, VPC, Region, Account 

Hyperglance allows you to create custom filters that encompass all the resources in your application, no matter if they are tagged or not. 

Cost shown on diagram
Highlight Orphaned and Under Utilized resources

Find Orphaned and Under Utilized resources

Highlights resources that are not connected to anything

Isolated and under utilized resources cost money and are a security risk. Hyperglance highlights these  resources so you can delete or resize them and save. 

  • Scans your inventory to list orphaned resources
  • Shows the monetary value over the last month 
  • Easy to list all the highlighted resources
  • Export the list to CSV

It is very easy to create resources in the cloud but it is also very easy to forget them as well.

Cost Explorer

Easily explore your cloud charges

Find what you need, when you need it.

  • Aggregated cost charts of all your Accounts & Subscriptions
  • Find large cost items in seconds
  • Go directly to the resource in the diagram with one click
  • Filter and export results to CSV, PDF

Using an intuitive charting solution easily explore your cloud charges.



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Built on our Advanced Rules Engine

Customise or create your own rules

Advanced rules engine enables audit, security monitoring and cost reduction.

  • Pre-defined rules included
  • Create your own rules based on metadata, metrics and Alarms
  • Add as many Rules as you need
  • Send emails or AWS SNS notifications to enable automation
  • Schedule rules to run periodically or at a certain time

Within minutes Hyperglance will give you a list of actionable insights on your cloud. Hyperglance includes a growing ruleset that checks for cost issues and highlights any under-utilised resources so you can either re-size or remove them, thus saving money. Any rule can be customized to fit your environment and you can create as many rules as you like.

Real cost

See the real cost for all your resources

Our inventory overlaid with the actual costs

VPC, Subnet, individual resources

  • Easily see how much a resource or group of resources cost
  • Find the most expensive resource in an account, VPC or subnet within seconds
  • Track down cost wasteage 


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All your data stays with you

Runs inside your cloud, all data stays with you 

Runs isolated in your VPC. No need to worry about 3rd party security.

  • Only needs to connect to the AWS API, not your infrastructure
  • No external access needed
  • No sharing of credentials with a 3rd party
  • No shared data with a 3rd party
  • Easy to get sign off from your Security department

SaaS platforms are great but how confident are you about their security? You have to give them access to your data and all those credentials and data go outside your organization boundaries. Hyperglance runs as a stand alone instance inside your VPC. No external access, no shared DB, no security worries.

AWS GovCloud Support

Hyperglance Cost Analysis for AWS GovCloud

Hyperglance connects into the billing CSV for your connected Commercial account or can even reference a CSV stand alone in an S3 bucket (contact us for instructions). You get all the same features as commercial!

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