Advanced Cloud Rules Engine

AWS & Azure Cloud Rules Engine

Ensure cloud security policy and manage cloud costs

The Hyperglance Rules Engine enables cloud audit, cloud security and cost reduction. Within minutes, Hyperglance will give you a list of actionable insights on your cloud. 

Hyperglance gives you complete cloud visibility via a live, real-time, searchable diagram, and so much more:

  • Pre-defined rules included covering both AWS & Azure
  • Create your own rules based on metadata, metrics and Alarms
  • Monitor security
  • Monitor performance
  • Save money by identifying underutilized resources
  • Add as many Rules as you need
  • Send emails, AWS SNS notifications or Azure Event Grid events to enable automation
  • Schedule rules to run periodically or at a certain time

Hyperglance is available via the AWS and Azure Marketplaces and is invoiced via your existing account so there is no need to set up a new supplier. 

Because it is billed per hour, and you can start and stop anytime, you are in complete control of your spend. Hyperglance runs as an instance in your VPC or vNet so there are no shared credentials, no shared databases and it never calls home.

Find out more about how Hyperglance can help your business document, search and secure your cloud infrastructure here.